Just a Girl

Just a photographer and film maker. Just 21. Just got hired to help make a movie. Just for One Direction.


4. Interview the Band

"So, Ms. Marshall, you are aware that in this documentary we're not working with actual actors." I was at a meeting with Mr. Spurlock. I flew from London all the way to California to have this meeting, so it had better be worth it.


"So it may be a bit difficult to work with them."

"That's alright." I replied.

"And I think it'd be good for you to meet the cast. You'll be filming the part of the movie when the band comes to their hometowns in England. You will then be taken to Ireland where some other filmmakers will help you to film Niall's return to Mullingar. The whole time, you won't have to shoot any scenes alone. Is the plan alright with you?"

"Yes sir."

"Please, call me Morgan. And we actually have the band here in Hollywood today. You'll be able to interview all five of them to get to know them so you can better film the movie. Then you can return home until it's time to shoot in Holmes Chapel, Wolverhampton, Bradford, Doncaster and Mullingar."

He had already explained this all to me about 5 times, but I guess since I was young I needed it drilled into my mind...?

"Right this way."

He led me through some corridors and into a big white room filled with cameras. It was loud and very echo-ey. I heard some British accents from one corner and assumed it was the band.

I knew who One Direction were, but I'm not really a musical type of girl.

"Boys, boys!" A man called. I looked around for Morgan, but it appeared as though he'd already returned to his office. "Get over here!" The man herded the five boys over to me.

"Who's that?" One of them blurted. Another one of them slapped a hand over his mouth. He quickly pulled it back in disgust.

"You licked me!" He screeched. The other one just chuckled while he gave him a dirty look.

"BOYS!" The same man yelled again, finally getting their attention. He sighed in relief. "This is Maisie. She's going to be helping out with the movie and filming a few scenes."

The one with curly hair was checking me out, but I tried my best to ignore it.

"She's going to interviewing you first to get to know you guys. Maisie, this is Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Harry. And I'm Paul, their bodyguard and babysitter." He narrowed his eyes at Louis and Niall.

The two who had been fighting were apparently named Louis and Niall, and Harry was the one who'd been checking me out.

"Okay, Ms. Marshall, right through here." Paul led me into a room with two chairs. "You'll be meeting them in here." He said, and left me alone in the small office.

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