"Why do we fall?" My brother asked me. I answered, "So we can rise."


1. Chapter One

The wind howls through the cracks of the dark room and branches tap on the walls. My numb body on a table, with wires attached to my body, I waited for him to rescue me. But, he never came. "Drew?" I whispered softly, pain overcoming my joints as I attempted to sit up. I fell back into the table, pain stunning my chest. 

"Drew?" I asked again. "There is no one else here, but you and me."  The lights turned on, blinding me. 

"Who are you?" I asked through shaky breaths. "I am Doctor Asdale." He said with a evil chuckle, sending warning sparks down my spine, "Your father has donated you to be our new subjects." 

"Why?" I croaked. "Your father has seen potential in you, and you will become our most powerful weapons to destroy Russia and they rest of Europe!" He said with a sinister smile. He then, pushed a button and pain surged though my body. 

A scream escaped my mouth, and I could feel electricity fill my body. When he stopped, I took a few deep breaths when he pushed the button again. This time, the pain was even worse, as if you were standing in fire. He then stopped after what seemed like thirty minutes, and recorded something, turned off the lights, then left me on the table again. The memory of the events before I was in this place flashed through my mind.

The government of 3045 planned to destroy Russia and Europe, but they needed human children between the ages of 12-15. That's when my drunk father pushed me and my brother, Christopher, toward and said, "These two will be perfect for the job." 

The men, came and tazered me and Chris and then, I woke up in this room. What if I didn't want to destroy Russia? I wondered. But, what power did I have against the government of the United States? 


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