Sometimes, love is enough.

Sometimes, age isnt just a number.

Sometimes, lust overcomes anger

(16+ graphic contents)


1. chapter 1

Chapter 1


Rain, teardrops from the sky. Willing for a scrifice to breath and live, even if its only for a couple of seconds. Some call it a bore, i call it beautiful. Its the beggining of life for a flower as well as its end.


I remember, five months ago,I was watching water drops race down my window, a book in my hand, and some Nirvana softly playing in my earbuds. My mom entered my room, smiling as usual, some new bruises apearing on her neck and arms. Yes, bruises.

My dad beat her. He is a drunk, and he used to take drugs too. Three years ago he was the perfect dad you could ever find but he got in an car wreck, and survived. But then i dont know what happened and he started getting drunk everyday and taking drugs.

My mom sat next to me in my bed, taking my hand in hers.

"I have to go buy some things, i should be back in ten minutes" she smiles looking at me

I nodded, noticing a small cut on her eyebrow. I knew it was dad, or peter as i called him now, who was sending her to buy beer.

"Are you sure youre pkay to drive?" I asked worried, and she smiles faintly as she nodded

"I will come back dont worry"

she smiled kissing my forehead before getting and and walking out of my room, to the front door and getting in her car.

She never came back.

I guess she didnt see the truck coming.

If she saw it coming, she apparently didnt do anything to prevent the accident.

My mom was tired of living. But somehow, i know, deep down, that she never wanted to leave me.

Monday, september 1st , the day the life of Alex went all wrong.

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