Are We Strong Enough?

Sequel to Unknown Daughter. I suggest you read the first one otherwise you might get a bit confused.
Harry asked Sky to marry him. What will she say? Can Sky put the past behind her? What will happen to Niall and Zoey as a newly married couple? Will there be more bundles of joy on the way? When someone comes back from Harry's past how will Sky react? What will happen to Aria? Are they strong enough?

Rated R


5. Wedding!

Harry's POV

       Niall was getting married in 2 days so we get to go home on a break. I was heading to Sky's house to see her and Aria. Sky's not expecting me to be home until tomorrow morning but I'm home early.

       I walked up to the front door and pulled out my keys that Sky gave me. As soon as I opened the door I heard my little angel.

        "DADDY!" Aria yelled running to me. I dropped my bags and picked her up. We hugged. "I missed you daddy"

         "I missed you so much Aria" I say setting her back down on the ground. "Aria where is mommy?"

         "She is in her room napping. She wasn't feeling good" Aria explained. "But daddy I want a snack"

         "Okay babe" I walked into the kitchen with Aria following. "Do you want strawberries or goldfish?"

        "Strawberries please" Aria said sitting in her chair. I pulled out the strawberries and cut a couple into pieces. I put them on a plate and gave them to Aria.

         "Aria I'm going to check on mommy really quick" I said. Aria nodded, continuing to eat. I walked to Sky's room and opened the door. I saw her laying there under the covers on her bed. I walked over to her.

         "Sky?" I say. She looks at me.

          "Harry!" She screams jumping up and hugging me.

          "Love what's wrong? Aria told me you weren't feeling well." I ask. 

         "Yeah about that" Sky said. I was nervous.

           "Oh god you're pregnant." I say.

          "No Harry. I just have a stomach ache and I need you to watch Aria." Sky says. Thank god she wasn't pregnant again.

           "Well Aria is my daughter." I say

          "Yeah I'm still trying to get use to you being her father." Sky says. We both laugh.


***********2 days later**********

Zoey's POV

       Today I am getting married to the love of my life Niall Horan. I was in my wedding dress. It was all white. From my waist down it was ruffly. With no train. I wore silver high heels with diamond shapes on top. My toe nails and finger nails were painted a beautiful pink. Sky was one of my bridesmaids. My maid of honor is my cousin Maddie. The dresses were light pink with a black belt at the waist. they were long dresses that went down to their ankles. They had to wear sliver high heels as well. My other 2 bridesmaids were my other cousins Amy and Sydney. The flower girl was Aria. She looked so cute in her dress that was white and at the bottom had pink rose petals. On her head was a flower crown. It was time to line up. So all us girls walked out. Niall's groomsmen were Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Liam as his best man.


Sky's POV

    It was time for us to line up. So Aria grabbed my hand and we walked out together. As soon as we walked out I saw Harry looking really hot in his tux. Aria ran right up to him. Harry picked her up.

      "Hey pumpkin" Harry said kissing Aria's cheek. I walked over to Harry. "Hey babe"

       "Hi" I say. After a couple minutes of talking here came Zoey with the photographer.

       "I want all the Styles in a picture" Zoey demanded.

        "I'm not a Styles" I say

        "Yet" Zoey says. So Harry held up Aria with his left arm and wrapped his right arm around my waist. The picture was taken.

          "I'm going to take Aria to the front" Harry said. I nodded in agreement.


Harry's POV

     I carried Aria to the front right in front of Liam and whoever the maid of honor is. I amde it to the front.

        "Harry?" I heard a feminine voice. I turned around. "It is you Harry Styles" Crap Maddie.

           "Hi Maddie" I say.

          "What are you doing with Aria?" Maddie asked.

          "Oh um Aria is my daughter" I say.

         "Really?" Maddie questioned.

             "Yeah and back there is my fiance Sky. Sky is also Aria's mother." I say.

              "I knew Sky was Aria's mom" Maddie said. "I didn't know you are engaged."

           "Yeah" I say. I set Aria down on the ground. "Well Aria I have to go back to mommy." She nodded. I passed Maddie without saying a word to her.



   Hey guys! Sorry took so long. So how do you think Harry knows Maddie? Comment what you think Please I really want to know.

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