Are We Strong Enough?

Sequel to Unknown Daughter. I suggest you read the first one otherwise you might get a bit confused.
Harry asked Sky to marry him. What will she say? Can Sky put the past behind her? What will happen to Niall and Zoey as a newly married couple? Will there be more bundles of joy on the way? When someone comes back from Harry's past how will Sky react? What will happen to Aria? Are they strong enough?

Rated R


9. Wedding Dress

Sky's POV

         Harry and I were making out. My shirt off. Harry never had a shirt on. We stopped right when we heard Aria.

           "Mommy, Daddy what are you doing?" Aria asked. Harry grabbed his hoodie really quick and gave it to me so I could cover up.

           "Nothing babe" Harry said. He walked over to Aria. He bent down to her height. "How about you go to the living room and I'll be right there. We will watch a movie or a TV show." Aria nodded and ran away. Harry walked back over to me.

            "I'm sorry Harry I don't what came over me" I said.

           "Don't be sorry. We will finish this later." Harry said seductively. Then I bit my lip.

            "Daddy come on!" Aria yelled. Harry walked to the living room. I heard my phone go off. I picked it up. The caller ID read Zoey. I answered. Phone call:

Me: Hello?

Zoey: Hey! I just got back from my honeymoon.

Me: How was it?

Zoey: Gorgeous! Paris was amazing. Niall was fantastic. His skills with having.

Me: Stop! I don't need the details.

Zoey: Well get dressed.

Me: Why?

Zoey: Cuz we are going to go wedding dress shopping.

Me: Not now

Zoey: Yes now

Me: Fine.

Zoey: I will be there in 5 minutes

Me: K

     I hung up. I just stayed in Harry's hoodie and my black skinny jeans. I was still wearing my black Vans. So I walked into the living room. Harry was sitting on the couch with Aria right next to him.

        "Hey Harry, Zoey is taking me out dress shopping." I say.

         "Alright love. But don't forget that tonight I'm going to eat that pussy." Harry says. I was so turned on.

           "We have a cat? Why would you eat it?" Aria says. I heard Zoey honk her car horn. I rushed out of the door so I didn't have to answer those questions.

*************At dress store*********

        I was in a white wedding dress that was extremely tight with no straps. I changed into another one that was white and a little tight from my boobs to my hips then ruffled out. It fit me perfectly. I loved it. I knew this was the one.

       "Sky you look fantastic!" Zoey said.

        "Thanks, but now we need the bridesmaid's dresses." Zoey ran off while I stood there in my dress. I can't wait for Harry to see me in this dress.

        "Wow Sky" I heard a voice from behind me. I turned around to see Maddie. I rolled my eyes.

           "What do want Maddie?" I said.

        "Nothing, I work here. It is my job to talk to the customers." Maddie explained.

         "Well maybe I don't want to talk to you." I say.

           "How is Harry?" Maddie asked.

          "Good." I say turning toward a mirrior to see my self in my dres again.

           "He is really hot. His abs are to die for" Maddie said.

           "Shut up" I said.

           "I have to leave anyway." Maddie said. She walked off with a smirk. I hate her so much. Why is she so determined to steal Harry from me? She is just a girl. And I'm just a girl with daughter that is his. So I think I win.

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