Are We Strong Enough?

Sequel to Unknown Daughter. I suggest you read the first one otherwise you might get a bit confused.
Harry asked Sky to marry him. What will she say? Can Sky put the past behind her? What will happen to Niall and Zoey as a newly married couple? Will there be more bundles of joy on the way? When someone comes back from Harry's past how will Sky react? What will happen to Aria? Are they strong enough?

Rated R


8. Visit From Someone I Hate

Harry's POV

       Aria was taking her nap at the moment and Sky was still out. I was sitting on the couch with no shirt on. I was wearing gray sweatpants. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. I stood up and walked over to it. I opened it. It was Maddie.

        "Maddie what do you want?" I ask so pissed at her. She was the whole reason why Sky and I go in a fight.

          "Is Sky here?" Maddie asked. Why did she care if Sky was here?

           "No but why?" I sak. Before I knew it, Maddie pushed through the doorway and nailed herself to me. Then her lips crashed against mine. I tried to reject it. She kept demanding more. Then i heard a car door shut. Shit Sky! Maddie giggled. One more final push with all my strength and I pushed her off of me. Maddie had dropped her purse so I grabbed it. Pushed her to the backdoor. Pushed Maddie through the backdoor and threw her purse at her.

           "Leave now Maddie" I yell at her.

             "We will be together again." Maddie said. I shut the door and locked it. Just then Sky walked in.

           "Hey babe" I say. Sky didn't even reply she just ran upto me and kissed me roughly. I kissed back. We were standing in the kitchen. I lifted her up onto the counter. Even though I'm loving this what about Aria? So I pulled away.

           "Sky wait Aria is just in her room." I say.

            "I know. Would you rather like to go to the bedroom which is right next to Aria's room and for sure wake her up. Or we can stay here and maybe wake her up." Sky said. What has gotten into her? Sky would never do this. Sky's lips crashed against mine. I couldn't resist her. I wasn't even wearing a shirt. Sky stroked my chest as we kissed. I reached under her shirt. Next I pulled it off. But we stopped kissing when we heard........



  Who or what is it? Why is Sky like this? Comment what you think.

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