Are We Strong Enough?

Sequel to Unknown Daughter. I suggest you read the first one otherwise you might get a bit confused.
Harry asked Sky to marry him. What will she say? Can Sky put the past behind her? What will happen to Niall and Zoey as a newly married couple? Will there be more bundles of joy on the way? When someone comes back from Harry's past how will Sky react? What will happen to Aria? Are they strong enough?

Rated R


12. Meet & Greet

Harry's POV

       The concert had just finished. We had to head straight to the bus.

        "Lets go boys," Paul said. What about Aria?

         "Wait I need to get Aria" I say.

          "Sorry Harry, I forgot you have a daughter now. Alright I will go with you to get her." Paul said. The rest of the boys were escorted by other security guards. Paul lead me to the room Aria was in. Right when she saw me, she ran upto me and hugged me.

         "You did a really good job daddy." Aria said.

          "Thanks. Alright lets get ready to go. We are going to have to run." I say and she nods. I helped her put on her coat. Then I helped her put her tiny bookbag on. Aria then grabbed my hand. We started to walk out quickly. I knew she wouldn't be able to keep up with the running. So I picked her up. We headed to the bus. Right when we went through the door to get outside girls were screaming. Aria latched onto me tight. She wasn't use to the noise like the boys and I are. Aria started to cry.

          "Aria it's okay. We are almost there." I tell her to comfort her. We continued to head to the bus. Aria's tears soaked the shoulder of my shirt. We were almost to the bus. Finally, we made it to the bus. Aria was still crying. i took her bookbag and coat off of her.

        "Aria it's ok. We are in the bus. You are safe it's ok." i say to her. I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. The boys and I have a meet &greet so we are heading there now.


*****************At Meet & Greet************

        Aria was ok now. We are at the meet & greet. She was sitting down eating goldfish. I was right next to her. Louis and Niall were kicking a football around. Liam and Zayn were just talking. We were all waiting for the fans to walk in the room. Suddenly 3 girls walked in. I stood up. One of the girls ran right to me and hugged me. All the girls hugged all the boys. We got ready to take the photo.

        "Daddy I'm thirsty!" Aria said.

          "Hold on sweetie" I say. We take the photo. I walk over to Aria and get her a juice box from her bag.

        We've met a lot of fans. Only one more girl. Aria was drawing while the lads and I played football. There was a knock on the door. Liam stopped the ball. The girl walked in. I hadn't seen her face yet.

        "Is it ok if I stand next to Harry?" she asked.

         "Sure" I say and walk over to take the photo. I still hadn't seen her face. Then I turned to face the camera. I say the girl's face. It was Maddie!

         "Maddie? What the hell are you doing here?" I yell.

         "To see One Direction. Don't you love meeting your fans?" Maddie says.

          "Yes but I dont like meeting fans who are my rebounds" I say.

           "Hey at least I'm a rebound. So that means when you and Sky break up you will come to me." Maddie said.

           "Never in a million years" I say. "I've changed."

            "No you haven't" Maddie says.

             "Just take the bloody photo." I bellow. So we take the photo. I push her out the door. Aria was asleep on the floor. I picked her up. She was still asleep with her head on my shoulder.

             "Harry I can't wait to have kids. Is it hard?" Niall asks.

           "Yeah it's hard. Them crying and yelling. You begin to yell at them. But you will always love them. That's all I've learned since I haven't been one for that long." I say.

           "Wow I don't if I'm ready?" Niall says.

          "Oh trust me neither will Zoey. But you will both learn to become great parents." I say.

           "Thanks Harry" Niall says.

            "No problem" I say. I had to go home to put Aria in bed. Plus I needed to get home to see how Sky is doing.

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