Are We Strong Enough?

Sequel to Unknown Daughter. I suggest you read the first one otherwise you might get a bit confused.
Harry asked Sky to marry him. What will she say? Can Sky put the past behind her? What will happen to Niall and Zoey as a newly married couple? Will there be more bundles of joy on the way? When someone comes back from Harry's past how will Sky react? What will happen to Aria? Are they strong enough?

Rated R


7. Fans/Haters

Sky's POV

      I sat on the couch in a blue shirt and black skinny jeans. On my feet were black Vans. I was still confused about the Maddie and Harry thing. Aria was still asleep. Harry walked into the living room where I was.

       "Hey Harry can you watch Aria cuz I want to go out?" I sak. I didn't really want to stay in the house. I needed some time to think.

      "yeah sure babe" Harry says.

       "Thx" I say walking out the front door. I got in my car and drove to Rue21. I needed new clothes. So I walked in. I went to the shorts. There were some with ripps. Some of the shorts were really short. If I wore them my ass would be hanging out. I liked this one pair that were white and another that were light blue with ripps. I tried both on and i liked them. So I bought them. I walked outside when suddenly I heard someone scream.

        "Oh my god it's Harry's girlfriend Sky!" Shit. In a matter of seconds I was surrounded by teenage girls asking me questions and assulting me. I heard many things. Like slut, Harry's bitch, ugly, fat, etc. The nice things were I love you, where is Harry, you're so pretty, I love your daughter, love that hairstyles. I pushed through everyone and got to my car. I got in. I started to drive to Starbucks for coffee. I didn't think I would get this much hate. It hurt a little.

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