Playing With Fire

7 Year old Ki Sckars was running around a campfire, but trips and falls in it. Something wasn't right when her parents got the test results back. The fire had radiation in it. So the little girl is forever cursed with powers, so strong, forcing her parents to send her away to a military base. But then on her 16th birthday, a soldier brought his son and his son's friend and everything changes.


3. Sparks and Gun Powder

"Jayy, I want to show you something." "What is it?" I  looked around and grabbed his arm and ran out to the protected blacktop area. "What?" He asked hastily. It was dark. I took out my flashlight and showed him that I had no matches. "No matches, ligter, fire starter." I showed him my powers. I drew little stars and patterns in the air. "Whoa. What else can you do?" I snapped and a flame lit at my fingertip. "This one is my favorite." I faced my palm to the sky and silent fireworks rose up and exploded, leaving stars in the sky. "Woah!" "Want to see a trick?" He nodded his head like a little kid getting offered free ice cream. "Let me see your hand." I took his hand and traced little spirals in his palm. Then sparks rose up. He got a little spooked and shook his hand, as if it would work. He turned his hand over and over to make sure that there was nothing. "Don't worry. It was just a little gun powder. It's nothing." He smiled. We both looked up in the sky, looking at stars. "It's so nice out." I said. "Yeah. The second most beautiful thing." "What's the first?" He looked at me and said "You." I blushed, silently praying that he couldn't see it. "R-really?" He nodded, then he lightly kissed me. I kissed him back, making him jump a little. But then he deepened the kiss. 

(A/N Sorry short chapter, really short)

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