Playing With Fire

7 Year old Ki Sckars was running around a campfire, but trips and falls in it. Something wasn't right when her parents got the test results back. The fire had radiation in it. So the little girl is forever cursed with powers, so strong, forcing her parents to send her away to a military base. But then on her 16th birthday, a soldier brought his son and his son's friend and everything changes.


4. Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

*Back to real time*
   I was target practicing, until Soap shouted "Hold your fire, Viper!" I lowered my gun and pulled my plugs out. I looked at the door and saw one of my old friends, "Jayy. Long time, no see." I said, doing, our little "bro hug" kind of thing. "Yeah. You look good." "Thanks. How's the Dahvie goin'?" "Good." I awkwardly nodded my head. The last time I saw Jayy, was when we were 16. "Your voice seems a little scratchy." "That's because I just got over one hell of a cold." "Yeah. I got that not too long ago." "Viper! Focus!" Soap shouted. "Sorry!" "The old man still alive?" "Heh, yeah. Where's your old man?" Yuri had left when Jayy turned 18. "Oh, he...uh, he left my mom like last month." "That's too bad....So, what'cha here for?" "I'm your new partner." "Partner? What partner?" I looked over at Soap and gave him a look. "Partner as in, you'll be training him until he's actually ready to go out." Price said as he walked up behind me. I turned around and asked "How come I didn't get to decide in this?" "Because." I rolled my eyes, put my plugs in, and started shooting again. Then Price placed a hand on the barrel and lowered it. I slammed the gun on the counter and pulled the plugs back out. "What?" I barked. "Why are you so pissed off?" "Because someone made me train someone, when I have other crap to deal with already! It's not like I don't like Jayy. It's just that it pisses me off that people sign me up for stuff when I don't know about it." I picked up the gun, aware that I left a dent on the metal counter, holstered it, and walked away. Jayy ran after me shouting "Wait! Ki!" He caught up and said "I-I mean, Viper." He splayed a hand on my shoulder, but I brushed it off. "What?" I barked.  "I don't have time to play games, Jayy. I have stuff to do." "Like what? Ki, I don't understand why your so pissed off because of me?" "Because, I lost interest in you 4 years ago, Jayy. 4 years ago." "Well, when you were sixteen, you seemed to have it." "That's was when I was sixteen. Don't you have some kind of concert tour thing to go to?" He scoffed with amusement. "So this is what this is about? Because I got famous?" I turned around to face him and said "No. It's because you broke your promise." *flashback* "It's so nice out." I said. "Yeah. The second most beautiful thing." "What's the first?" He looked at me and said "You." I blushed, silently praying that he couldn't see it. "R-really?" He nodded, then he lightly kissed me. I kissed him back, making him jump a little. But then he deepened the kiss. Then he pulled away and I said "Promise, that if you leave, then tell me first? That way I know that your okay." "I promise." *flashback over* "Just because of a stupid promise? That's what you're all hung up about?" "It wasn't stupid to me. I actually thought that I found someone that actually loved me besides Yuri, Price and Soap." I blinked back the tears and walked away.


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