Playing With Fire

7 Year old Ki Sckars was running around a campfire, but trips and falls in it. Something wasn't right when her parents got the test results back. The fire had radiation in it. So the little girl is forever cursed with powers, so strong, forcing her parents to send her away to a military base. But then on her 16th birthday, a soldier brought his son and his son's friend and everything changes.


2. Fuel to The Fire

After a few weeks with Jayy and Dahvie hanging around. I've been growing pretty fond of them. They're pretty funny. And I have a little crush on Jayy and Dahvie. "Hey Ki!" I look over and see Jayy. I give him a little wave of my hand. "What's up?" I ask. "Nothing." Then I saw Jayy jump from an explosion outside. I ran out and see that their testing flares and stuff. I run, with Jayy behind me, to get a better view. "Uh, Ki. I think this is an attack." I panicked. Soap ran to me and said to Jayy, "Take her to the bomb shelter and don't look back. Keep her safe. Don't let her get hurt." Jayy nodded and grabbed my hand and ran to the bomb shelter. We ran and I heard guns going off. My eyes were watering partially from the wind in my face and the fact that there was a battle going on. He bust open the door and ran in, shutting the door behind him. I was breathing heavily, having a panic attack. "Sh. It's alright." He purred, as he wrapped me in his arms. Then someone was banging on the door. "Don't let them hurt me, Jayy!" I cried out. "Shhh." He said, pulling out his gun. The door swung open and Jayy quickly loaded and aimed the gun. It was the Russian commander. Jayy clutched me closer to his body as he tighened the grip on his gun. "Give me the girl." the man said with a thick Russian accent. "Over my dead body." "Now we're getting somewhere." The dark man chuckled as he pulled out his gun. I would've been a little bit more brave, if we weren't cornered. "What do you want?" "I told you. The girl." "You're not taking her." I saw the man lay his finger on the trigger. The slightest move made Jayy quickly lay his finger on the trigger and pull. The man stumbled back a bit, but then got his balance again. He was wearing a Juggernaut suit. The man pulled the trigger, and seconds later I felt a sharp pain shoot through my leg. I cried out in Jayy's chest, while gripping the back of his shirt. Jayy shot multiple times, from the jerk in his body motions. The guy stumbled and fell over, dead. Jayy picked me up and ran to Soap and Price. Soap and Prices expressions fell, as they saw Jayy come into sight. "Ki, she was shot." Soap mumbled curses under his breath. Jayy layed me on the table. Then Soap shoves him against the wall. "I told you to not let her get hurt!" I was about to get up, but Price signaled me to stay sitting, as he pulled Soap off of Jay. "Hold on. Who said it was Jayy's fault?" Price asked. "Becuase I specifically told him not to let Ki get hurt." "The man was in a Juggernaut suit! It took almost all of his clip to kill him!" I testified. Soap walked over to me and said -whisperes-"I told you to be careful around him." -normal voice- "I just don't want you to get hurt, Ki. You're like the child I never had." Yuri walked in with Dahvie supporting his weight on him. "Dahvie, are you okay?" I asked. "Yeah. I'm fine. What happened to you?" "I was shot." "Oh my God, are you okay?" "I'm fine. Just a little sore." Yuri got out the bandages and wrapped my leg up. I looked over at Jayy and saw that his knuckles were white from pressure of clenching up his fists. Then Yuri whispered in my ear "How's your fire feeling?" "Fine. No signs of uncontrolableness." He chuckled and said "That's good." Nobody knows about it except Yuri, Soap and Price. Not even Jayy or Dahvie. I'm a freak of nature. But I'm not ashamed of what I'm capable to do. Yuri tied off the bandages and said "Okay, you can walk on it now." He sent me off. 

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