Playing With Fire

7 Year old Ki Sckars was running around a campfire, but trips and falls in it. Something wasn't right when her parents got the test results back. The fire had radiation in it. So the little girl is forever cursed with powers, so strong, forcing her parents to send her away to a military base. But then on her 16th birthday, a soldier brought his son and his son's friend and everything changes.


1. Burning Fire

*Fifteen years ago*

(Third person)

  7 year old, Lillie Johnson, was out on a camping trip with family. She was playing tag with her cousin, Maddie. She ran circles around the campfire. "Lillie, be careful. Don't run around the fire." Lillie's mom said. But she said it a heartbeat too late, as Lillie was burning in the brutal flames of the fire. "Lillie!" her mom screamed. Her dad punched in the numbers 911. As the wailing sirens of the ambulance, grew more and more audible, you could hear Lillie's scream from a mile and a half away. The ambulance pulled into the campsite and dragged the bed to the burnt child. As the two men pulled the child away, Lillie's parents both climbed into their silver SUV and followed the ambulance. *in the hospital* There lay Lillie's lifeless body on the medical bed, with tubes and other contraptions strapped to her. Her mother and her father were standing next to the bed, weeping. But the nurse had sent them out into the hall, waiting for the surgery to be over and get the results back. 
  Then the nurse came out with a shocked look on her face. "She's gonna live. But something was in the fire that she was burnt in. She had a reaction to it and, it's unexplainable. She's too dangerous to be in public. That's why we're sending her to a military base, protected from the media and the public." "Will she be safe there?" "Ma'am, she'll be perfectly fine. But we have to erase her memory from all of the damage that has been done. She'll remeber that she was hurt in a house fire, not the campfire. She will not remeber you two." Lillie's parents started weeping and crying.
*Nine years later*
(Lillie "Ki Skcar" Johnson's POV)
It was my sweet 16th birthday party. Never thought I would celebrate it with a whole bunch of soldiers at a military base. But they're my family. They accept me for who I am. Even if I'm a freak with brutal fire powers. I was sitting on my cot, when Price, Yuri and Soap, came in with a birthday cake and some gifts. "What's this for?" "Your party." "Guys, you didn't have to do this for me." "We know that a sweet sixteen is important to a girl." "Thank you guys so much!" I got up and hugged them. Then two boys, about my age, walked in. One was taller than the other and they both had black hair. Price looked over at the boys and said "Oh, Jayy, Dahvie. You're here. Just in time. Ki, this is Jayy and Dahvie. My son and his friend. Jayy, Dahvie. This is Ki. You guys are about the same age." Yuri said. I waved at them. Soap handed me the gifts he brought in. "Thanks again, you guys." I ripped open the first one and saw that it was a necklace with a fire amulet. "This is beautiful." Yuri helped me put it on. I opened the next one, from Price. It was an official dog tag (for combat). "No way!" "Happy birthday." I hugged him and slipped it over my head. Then the last one was from Soap. I ripped it open and it was his lucky hand gun. "Soap, you didn't have to give me your lucky hand gun." I said. "That gun is as special to me as you are." I smiled and hugged him. "Thanks you guys." I got up and went to go put the hand gun away, but Yuri stopped me and said "Why don't you, Jayy and Dahvie get to know each other?" "But I have to go touch up the targets." "Don't worry. We'll get it done for you. Just go have some fun." Price said, shooing us away. Soap pulled me to the side real quick and said "Be careful. He's not as innocent as you think." I nodded and ran off. "So, Ki. You're 16 now, huh?" Jayy asked. "Yeah. I get to drive the Jeep finally." "How long have you been here?" Dahvie asked. "Nine years." Jayy whistled in amazement. "How many people have come and gone since you've been here?" "Too many to count." "Have you ever gone into battle?" "No, but my arm got grazed from a bullet from an attack." "Did they amputate it?" "Do you see both of my arms?" Jayy laughed at Dahvie. "What are those markings on your arms from?" "You sure do like asking questions, don't you?" "Well, I'm curious." "I was burnt in a house fire and a nurse had a little fun with the stitches. Now I just think their like tattoos." Jayy smiled. 



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