Things Don't Have to be Akward

Awkwardness has always been a problem between Kristoff and Anna but that's about to change!
No smut but sexual content so be warned��
One-Shot Kristanna


1. Chapter 1

Things were awkward between the two ever since they kissed. They felt sparks but Anna was too afraid to do anything about it, since the whole situation with Hans. Kristoff was patient, he was in love with her but he wanted to feel comfortable with him. His mind could handle it, but he had a desire deep within his stomach for her. Not just his stomach, either. His cock throbbed every time he saw her. He thought dirty thoughts when a shoulder was shown or the thought of her helping him through his continuous boners. He couldn't take it much longer so one night, in the barn he tried something new. Anna was surely asleep and he went to the stables, where sven was kept and went into an empty stall. He took off his clothes and stared at his hard self. He began to move his hands over it, then faster than harder. He closed his eyes an imagined Anna, sitting atop him, moving on him. Her name escaped his mouth. Anna, who decided to take a walk, heard her name in a moan. She slipped into the stables and noticed it was Kristoff's. She froze when she saw him pleasure himself, eyes shut, calling her name. She gulped. He wanted her. She stared, in awe at his giant manhood and she imagined it inside of her and began to smile. She never thought of Kristoff in this way before. He hadn't noticed her. Should I make myself noticed? Anna wondered. That would make him blush. He's cute when he blushes. She smiled some more.

"Kristoff?" Her voice sounded smaller than she expected. His eyes shot open and he tried to cover himself.

"H-how long were you watching that?" Kristoff stuttered, nervously.

"Long enough," Anna said and she sat down next to him, "You know you could have just told me."

"I know but..." Kristoff moved a hand through his hair nervously.

Anna put her head on his shoulder. "We never made much of us, Kristoff. After our kiss, we never talked about it. I wanted to Kristoff! I wanted to be with you! I still do and now I understand that you do too. So I'm prepared to..." her voice trailed off, "I'm prepared to let you touch me. I know that you want to." She took a deep breath.

"Anna you really don't have to-"

"No, no Kristoff. I need to stop thinking that every man is bad because of past experiences. You're a great guy and I need to try this out."

He touched her face gently and looked into her eyes. "Anna it's okay. We can start this relationship without that. Eventually, we can do things but right now I just want to enjoy the fact that were a couple now."

She smiled.

He always knew what to say.

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