You Were Pregnant?

When I found out i was pregnant with Louis's Baby I was super happy! But when i was on my way home i found him with another girl, The girl he's Dating now that everyone adores...Eleanor Calder. I ran out of that house so fast and he never heard from me or my baby again....


7. Tears

2 Years Later

I jumped in my car and Drove off as fast as i could. I went to the place where me and Louis first met I sat on the bench  as i looked around and i started crying my eyes out. 

"Excuse Me, Are you okay?" A small voice asks 

I look up and see a Little Girl wearing all black 

Yes I Am Thank You for asking I say trying to smile 

"Well I'm not Okay... My Grammy Just died." She says Looking down 

She Sat on the bench by me and we just kinda talked she looked to be around 6. A few minutes later We both heard a male voice calling

"SIERRA! SIRREA!" He called and when he saw us he ran over 

"Sierra You scared me- He started but looked at me and stopped Sierra who's this?" 

"Daddy Shes Sad just like us..." The girl said who's name is sierra said 

I'm sorry I said standing up...I didnt mean to cause any problems 

"No It's okay, My mom just died...Its just me and her now." He says Looking down at the child and back at me with his beautiful Blue eyes, nothing like Louis's 

"Would You like to have dinner with us tonight?" He asks 

I look at him And then At sierra who's little hand is in his 

I Also Have a Child...Her name is  Sophia Is that alright? I ask 

"Yes Of course, I love Children...But what about her father?" He asks but he started to realize that it was a bad idea to bring her father up. 

We're Not together anymore. I say trying not to cry anymore What About sierra's mother? I ask 

"She...She Shot Herself." He says Closing his eyes looking down 

I'm Sorry i say also looking down...Dinner would be great 

"Okay Meet us here At 5, Sierra Lets Go." He Says trying to smile 

Okay See you soon I Say Going back to my car and driving home 

When I get there i see a police car parked in our driveway i quickly run in too see whats going on....





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