You Were Pregnant?

When I found out i was pregnant with Louis's Baby I was super happy! But when i was on my way home i found him with another girl, The girl he's Dating now that everyone adores...Eleanor Calder. I ran out of that house so fast and he never heard from me or my baby again....


10. Sophia

I woke Up and See The nurse Smiling brightly at me.

"Your Awake Again!" She says 

I Look around Still confused about everything and i see Louis Holding A baby...

Louis? I ask Faintly 

"Yes?" He asked 

Who's Baby Are You holding? 

"My Baby..." 

I didn't know you and Eleanor Had A child. I say now awake fully 

"We didn't." 

What? Then Who did You have That Baby With- I stopped Now Knowing It Was Sophia 

"Our Child..." He says Looking Back Down At Her 

No ...My Child, Now Give Her, I say Glaring a bit at him 

"Cathy The Nurse Said You Need To Rest" Louis Said Sighing

I'm Find Now Give Me Sophia. I say Holding My Weak arms Out.

"No, I Just Got to See her And I-" 

Louis, Right Now. I say Cutting His Mumbling Off 

"Lou Cm'on Mate, She Just Woke Up Let Her See Sophia." Niall Says Looking at me then back at Louis 

I Watched As Louis Looked At Sophia Then Handed me to her

I Grabbed Her And Put her in my arms as i smiled At Her And She Giggled, 

It was about a half an hour until the nurses and doctors finished all my test and left me alone, All The Boys Except Louis Went down to the Cafe

"Hey, Um Can We Talk?" Louis Asked Knocking on my door 

I motioned for him to come into the room, Yeah? I asked More Calm then earlier 

"Look Cath-"

Cathy. I corrected him.

"Look Cathy..Me And Eleanor, Were Done, I swear, I want To Be With You, And Sophia...I've Missed You Liked Crazy and when the boys told me you had a baby,My Baby I Died inside, because i wasnt there For You...Or Sophia, I'm So SOrry Cathy Please give me a chance please." He Said Looking at me with his Beautiful BlueGreen Eyes.

I Looked At Him And Then At Sophia, Ive Missed You Too Louis I say Smiling As He Leaned In Until We Heard A Voice....


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