You Were Pregnant?

When I found out i was pregnant with Louis's Baby I was super happy! But when i was on my way home i found him with another girl, The girl he's Dating now that everyone adores...Eleanor Calder. I ran out of that house so fast and he never heard from me or my baby again....


8. dinner date

I quickly Walk in and see my mom sitting at the table with the police officer. 

Mom Whats Going on? I ask 

"Oh Sweetheart! This is an old friend of mine, Mike This is my beautiful Daughter, Cathy!" 

I smile and wave 

"You Didn't tell me you had a kid! Do you have a husband?" 

My mom Shakes her head and they keep talking. I cut in and tell my mom that im going out with Sophia.

She nods.

I go to my room and look in my closet and see what i have to wear... I decide to wear one of my sundresses And colorful Heels. I curl my hair and apply makeup, I walk over and re-dress Sophia. I put my purse over my shoulder and say goodbye to my mom and Mike. 


I got there right on time and i saw Them standing there Sierra was holding Her father's Hand 

I carry Sophia over and we meet up and talk...

"So Cathy, What Would you like?" Luke Ask's 

Before i say anything i ask if he's sure he wants to pay for me. He nods and says of course 

I tell him what i want to order and our waitress brings us to our table 

"Okay So your order will be out in a few Guys" She says with a warm smile And leaves

We talked for awhile and finally when are food came we ate

When we finished I thanked Thomas and said i had a great time. I said goodbye to Him and Sierra and then i left. 

I really Liked Thomas, I was driving home when it started raining. I had Trouble Seeing

I tried my best to see but all of a sudden i heard a loud crash and then everything turned black....



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