You Were Pregnant?

When I found out i was pregnant with Louis's Baby I was super happy! But when i was on my way home i found him with another girl, The girl he's Dating now that everyone adores...Eleanor Calder. I ran out of that house so fast and he never heard from me or my baby again....


11. Crying Rivers


I Missed this book and decided to update it! :D

I was thinking about making this story up to like maybe 15 chapters then ending it 


Do You Guys Want Me To Make A Sequel? I Would Love to do it! but only if you guys are going to read it! <3 

Well Tell me in the comments below :)))))) Love you guys enjoy...


It was Eleanor  Calder Standing Right there! In Front Of Me! 

I Did not want her in the room, especially around my baby

"Hi, I'm Eleanor-" She started 

"I Know." I Say Now Getting up Handing Sophia To Zayn As I Start to put on my shoes, Still I Was in alot of pain 

"Cath, Don't Your Going to hurt yourself." Zayn Stopped me 

"I'm not staying in this room with her in it, And plus i want to go home So Badly Zayn." I say 

He Looked at me and nodded as he called a nurse and asked if i could leave 

"Cathy, I Didn't come here to make things awkward" Eleanor Speaks up 

i turned to look at her as she told louis to leave the room 

"Then Why Are you here? To Rub it in my face? you have louis i have a baby?" I Say To Her 

"Sophia Is A Beautiful Baby Cathy, I Came Here so i could tell you that me and louis aren't even in a real relationship" Eleanor Had Started As I looked at her my eyes glued on her 

"I Was Hired you Know, I had to pretend to be His Girlfriend under any circumstances, I Couldn't tell anyone. Thats Also Why You haven't known for a year, And Me Louis Thought it would be best till after the baby was born." She Explained 

I didn't say anything for awhile, until finally Zayn Walked in

"Cath, We Can Go, I'm Going to drive you home." Zayn Said Coming over to me helping me with my jacket and getting Sophia Ready 

When I Got into Zayns Car I Started to cry, I Ended up staying at Zayns that night 

He hugged me everytime i cried, Zayn Had Always Been Like A Brother to me, we've known eachother since like 1st grade so thats probably why.

I Was So Confused about everything, i needed to focus on Sophia And My Mom, And i couldn't worry about louis or eleanor.....


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