You Were Pregnant?

When I found out i was pregnant with Louis's Baby I was super happy! But when i was on my way home i found him with another girl, The girl he's Dating now that everyone adores...Eleanor Calder. I ran out of that house so fast and he never heard from me or my baby again....


2. 7 months after I left

It Was 7 months After I Left Louis. Its weird i thought he was going to be the one leaving me when i told him i was pregnant but its was actually me. My friends been texting me these links about 

"Louis Tomlinson New Girlfriend? Whats Up?" 

Everytime i look at them my heart stops...Because I know I should be the one he loves not Her...

I partly gotten over Louis, The Boys And Me rarely talk..Im Guessing Simon said to stop because it would be a bad thing if the paps found us together after the whole Eleanor and Louis thing. 

I have a HUGE belly and I'm always hungry and moody!

My Mom...Well My Adoptive Mom..yeah I was up for  Adoption when i was 5 And My mom was 18 and Really wanted a kid so she got me she loves me very much and spoils me alot! She's A famous Fashion Desigher and is rich we live in a big house...almost like a mansion. My mom loved Louis Until i told her what happened then she wanted to rip his head off....But anyway 

She has Been super helpful and she said that she would help take care of the baby and do whatever she could to be the best grandma! 

I Got up and grabbed an apple but then i suddenly wasn't hungry anymore and my stomach hurt...

MOM! I THINK ITS TIME! I yell in pain all our helpers help me up and got get my mom 

When We're in the car my mom smiles...

"lets Have a baby!" Then drives off


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