Random Poems

These are just random poems made by me. All the poems here have a story, read to find out. Some where from many years back so they might not be as good as other poets.


1. Stuff About Me

Do you know where I get my looks? You might know if you've read scientific books,

I've got brown eyes from both mum and dad, it's not that bad,

I'm the middle child, my behaviour? Not bad, not good so mild, to be honest I'm really wild,

I hate fashion, that's my sisters passion, I'm just a crazy fun girl who is hiding in her bubble, but once you get to know me I cause misfit and trouble,

I love music, but mostly One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer, but I haven't met them yet that's a bummer!

I have to admit I'm a bit of a geek, but hey! That's the new chic, if I had to choose a clothe or book spree, I'd choose book, definitely!


Sooo... I just wanted to do a little poem about me, like and introduction kind of thing.

Yeah, like, favourite and comment what you think.

No hate cause I can swear like a fucking dude... Ask a certain bitch that tried to get me down and make me feel bad about myself on wattpad.

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