1. Poor Ruby Eyes

Pokemon Episode:Poor Ruby Eyes!

Ash,Ashley,and Ruby were in the forest,Ruby looking around and,Ash and Ashley look at blush and Ash smileled and wink at her and she blush super hard,and then Ash walk up to Ashley sister,Ruby.

Ruby:Ya know guys its very boring standing around like this...

Ash:Hey Ruby,I think I saw a Pokemon go in to that bush over there...Why don't ya go check it out.

Ruby:Heh!Awesome!Yeah!Ok!Yeah!Finally things are getting less borring.

(Ruby then left Ash and Ashley alone.)

Ashley:Ash,I didn' see a Pokemon go into that bush...(Ash's simaled at her)...You lied to her didn't you?

(Ash nobbed 'yes' to her)


(Ash touch her hand and she stop and look at him)

Ash:Don't(Ash blushed hard)I mean...the reason I tricked her was that we could...you know.

(Ashley blush too)


(Ashley kiss him in the was shock and blush super-duper they still kissing when all of a sundden ruby came back.)

Ruby:Grrrr...I didn't see any poke-

(Ruby saw her sister kissing Ash)

Ruby:What!Goog Gravy!

(Ash and Ashley broke there kiss so fast that there face turn huge blush like Mars.)

Ruby:All I wanted was to see some Pokemon but...NOOO!INSTEND I see you guys kissing!What did I ever do to deserve this?

(Ash rubbed back of his head blushing and Ashley rubbed her right-arm also blushing)


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