Nothin' but me.

I'm Eliza Thomas and this is me. I'm not like your average girl, in some ways I am but in most I'm not. I'm a tomboy who gets into fights, hates all the popular boy bands, doesn't wear make up, NEVER wears skirts or dresses, plays rugby, plays the drums and I also play chess, I have a strange obsession with cars, BMX'S and motor bikes and I want my mum to adopt a baby boy.


1. Me.

Name: Eliza Thomas

Age: 11 1/2

Hair colour: brown with blonde highlights.

Eye colour: most of the time hazel in the outside, murky green further in and crystal blue in the centre.

Figure: fairly large biceps, four PAC working on a six PAC, muscly thighs/rugby legs, curves, large boobs for my age and even tough I don't have a manly figure I often get mistaken for a boy due to my short hair.

Favourite colour: blue, specifically Danube blue.

Relationships: I, unlike most people, have multiple circles of friends, four in particular- JEELK (Jade, Ella, Eliza, Lux and Kayla)- another group Alanna, Bethany, Morgan and Tea- and another two groups that have to many people to name right now.

Family: my mum Trudy that I love. My mum and dad's son Seth (I call him that because he is NOT my brother,) I hate Seth, he smokes, even though that's what killed my dad, I know what he smokes is worse than tobacco. My dad, he died when I was four years old, we were really close and it's been almost seven years since I saw him or even gave him a hug. I miss him. And V, we are not related biology but she is like a sister to me and I don't see her very often now because she's in the RAF and based in Lincoln whereas I'm in Brighton and can't travel on the train alone so I don't see her enough.

Favourite music: I know it's old school but along side my chameleon circuit and skrillex I like the Beatles, to me they honour my dad, Yellow submarine is the only thing I remember from his funeral. (I regret not giving a speech but I was to young to know.)

School: I am the highest in my year in maths, also high in DT, Food Tech, Spanish, Drama and PE. The rest I'm ok at.

Hobbies: I play rugby, I'm PCS' best female player. I play the drums, I'm pretty good. I play chess because I used to play it with my dad and I'm my schools only girl player.

So that's me.

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