Die In Your Arms

A year after,her relationship with josh from union j,Elisa was born. Josh doesn't know anything about her,cause daisy doesn't want him to find out. One day she accidentally bumps into the one and only Harry Styles. He doesn't care if she has a baby,he will love her no matter what happens.


2. chapter 2

I woke up early in the morning, deciding that I would take out Elisa out for breakfast. I went into the closet to get dressed. I picked a burgandy knitted sweater, with some ankle jeans and toms. I let my brown hair in waves,seeing no need to curl it. I dressed Elisa in a dress with leggings and a flower headband. I grabbed the keys off the counter and got inside the car. We went to the house cafe,and I suddenly regretted coming here. 

As we were seated at a table in the far back, I saw josh sitting with some of his mates in a table not far from us. I tried to not make eye contact but it was impossible, josh was staring at me the whole time. When the waiter left, josh came over to my table. "Hey,I haven't seen you in a while,how's it going love?" He said looking at me with worried eyes. "Everything's great,I'm actually on break right now." "Oh,we'll that's good to know so am I by the way" he smirked. "Now,tell me who is this little person?" I was paralyzed,I never really thought about what I would tell him when it was time. I think he noticed I was panicking,because he asked if something was wrong. 

"No,umm josh this is Elisa,your daughter." He didn't say anything,he just kept looking at her and then at me. "How?" Was all he said,with a confused look on his face. "Remember the last night we were together before you went on tour." "Yea,I remember,but I mean why didn't you tell me Daisy!!!" He yelled almost. "I didn't want to bother you,I knew how excited you were to go on tour,I didn't want to ruin it." "Daisy,you knew what I felt for you,what made you think I was going to be disappointed knowing I would be a father?" "Idk josh." I said trying to back the tears. "When did you find out?" "A month after that night,I fainted during a photoshoot and they took me to a hospital and that's how I found out." Josh just looked at me with a small frown on his face. I started feeling bad for not telling him in the first place. 

"Can I hold her?" Josh muttered through a couple of tears. I gave Elisa to josh,and watched how happy he was to know he was a dad. "How old is she?" "She's 10 months" I said. "You know she has your eyes josh and my dimples" I told him. "She does doesn't she" he laughed a bit. I got up from my seat and told josh I had to go. He hugged me before we left,honestly I do miss his hugs but I think it's too late for us to get back together. 

I got in the car and stated driving through downtown London. I was looking at some clothing from some of the windows,when all of a sudden I turned around and realized I was about to run someone over. I hit the breaks immediately and stop. When I looked up,I saw a boy with green eyes and curly brown locks. He looked at me saying what the fuck was that. I didn't get off the car I just looked at him and he looked back at me. Just then some guy a bit more tan than him with blue eyes came over and pulled him onto the sidewalk. I was so scared I mean I could've killed him,but luckily I didn't.

Harry's P.O.V 

"Harry get the fuck over here mate!!!" I heard Louis shout from across the street. I didn't see if any cars were coming so I just crossed the street without looking. As I turned around a white Porsche almost crashed into me,god that scared me to death. I looked to see who was in the car,it was a girl she looked pretty familiar but I just don't remember from where. Louis came over and pulled me onto the sidewalk "Ouch!" I yelled to him. "Mate you could've gotten your self killed if you don't look where your going." "Lou,the girl in the car did you see her?" "Yea,what about her Harry?" "Do you remember her,she looks so familiar." "Of course she does Harry, she's Daisy Thompson" Louis said nudging me in the elbow. "Oh yea she's that girl that models sometimes for Victoria's Secret" I said laughing. "You got that right mate." We went to Starbucks,but then Louis had to go with Eleanor. So that meant I had to walk back to the flat by myself. It seems like everyone is in a relationship but me. I mean I just haven't found the right one. People just keep putting labels on me saying I'm a big flirt cause I haven't had a stable relationship. As I got in the flat I noticed it was empty as usual. Liam was with Sophia,Zayn with Perrie,and Niall probably went out to get food. Just then there was a knock at the door. As I opened it,there stood the girl that almost killed me today. 

Daisy's P.O.V 

"So,you came to apologize?",the curly haired boy smirked at me. "Well,yes,but no I actually came to give you your mail,I didn't know you lived here" I said a bit nervous. "They accidentally put it in my box,but yea I'm so sorry about earlier,I didn't look where I was going." "It's alright love,just you really scared the fuck out of me",he laughed. We stood at the door for quite a while till he said"are you gonna give me my mail or nah?" I laughed "oh,yea sorry I totally forgot." "Well see you later Daisy." "Yea,sure" I waved at him as I was walking back to my flat. 

I made dinner,then went to bathe Elisa. While I was dressing her I was remembering when the doctor first told me I was pregnant. I literally couldn't believe it,I never thought I would have children so soon,but anything can happen. She is just so beautiful,she has the brightest blue eyes,curly hair and very deep dimples. Every time she smiles it lightens up my day. I heard my phone ring,I picked it up and it was josh. 


"Hey it's me daisy,josh."

"Oh,umm what is it?"

"I just called to check up on my baby,is it alright if I come over for a bit?" 

"Yea,it's alright I mean your her dad it's logical for you to come over."

"Okay,I will be there in 10." 


Josh had come over,for a while but was now leaving. I walked him out onto the parking lot,holding Elisa in my arms. "So,I was thinking maybe err,we could go out sometime?" "Josh I told you I don't feel the same way anymore",I looked up at him. "I know but I meant the three of us." "Well,I don't know,I'll call you Josh",I said walking back inside. 

I noticed Harry had been looking at us from outside his flat."So you and josh?" I heard someone say from behind. I turned around and it was Harry. "Uh,no what makes you think that?""Well,he just came out of your flat and your holding that baby,which I suppose is his,isn't it?" Who does he think he is to be knowing about my relationships. "And why should I answer your question?",I asked him. "I just wanted to know,well your famous either way the whole world will find out if your dating someone" he chuckled. "But that doesn't concern you,does it MR.STYLES?" I told him grinning." "Well maybe it does." I heard him say as I was going inside. I wonder why he was so interested in knowing. 

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