Die In Your Arms

A year after,her relationship with josh from union j,Elisa was born. Josh doesn't know anything about her,cause daisy doesn't want him to find out. One day she accidentally bumps into the one and only Harry Styles. He doesn't care if she has a baby,he will love her no matter what happens.


1. chapter 1

It's been a year since I last saw josh. What we had was special, everything was perfect. But after he became famous with Union J, and I started my modeling career we started falling apart. We would hardly see each other anymore, and when we had spare time one of us would get called for something. It was pretty hectic. I thought maybe we would make this work, but it didn't. 

So,the night before he left on his tour around the U.K., was our last night together. That night left me something I would love for the rest of my life. 

Daisy's P.O.V

It was early in the morning and I decided to go see my mom,who I hadn't seen in about six months. I was dieing to see my baby Elisamarie since she was staying with mom. I finally had a break from all the modeling,and I just wanted to spend some time with my mom and Elisa. As I was walking up the steps to the house mom opened the door and came to give me a hug,"oh, Daisy we've missed you so much". " I've missed you to mom,where's Elisa?" My mom lead me to a room right next to hers,and there she was sleeping peacefully in the crib, she looked like an angel. I don't know what I'm going to do if I keep on having more work. I walked over to the crib and brushed her cheek with my hand. "Daisy,can I talk to you",mom said. "Umm,yea what is it?" "We'll the other day, Josh came by to look for you." My heart stoped for a second,thinking that maybe he found out that I got pregnant that night. "He didn't see Elisa,did he mom?" "Oh no,of course not sweety I just told him you still weren't back from Paris." "Good,because I still don't think I'm ready to tell him", I said as I grabbed Elisa since she started crying. 

"Bye,mom", I said as I walked out the door to the car. It was actually pretty cold outside knowing that it's always cold here in London. But I got used to warm weather since I practically wasn't home for 6 months I put Elisa in her car seat,and started driving towards our flat. When we got there,I took Elisa to my room and put her in the crib to sleep. I just wish I had the courage to tell josh about Elisa. But every time if want to tell him,I end up thinking the worst. What if he doesn't want to meet Elisa? Or will probably think it's not his and someone else's? 

Now I have to figure out where in London is he. He can't know I'm back. I turned on the shower and got in,I let the warm water hit my skin as memories of josh and I came to my mind. *FLAHBACK* "Josh,wait for me you know I'm not as fast as you!!" I yelled catching up to him as we were running around the park. Josh grabbed my hand and intertwined his fingers with mine. "You know I love you,right Daisy", he said grabbing me tight around the waist. "Yea I think so" I said teasing him. "One day,Daisy you and I will be married and have tons of kids so we can have hundreds and hundreds of grandchildren" he said making me chuckle a bit. He always knew how to make me smile. Our faces were just inches apart,I could his upper lip brushing on mine. He pulled me closer to him and smashed his lips with mine. The kiss was passionate and perfect. I could that spark between us. *END OF FLASHBACK* 

I got out of the shower,brushed my hair and put on some pjs to go to bed. Tomorrow would probably be a great day with just me and my little angel. 

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