Memories faded

Justin and Isabella Bieber just got married , will this accident ruin their life forever ? read to find out


1. Prologue

December 1993

"Isabella" her therapist began in a soft voice, "do you know where you are?"

Isabella thought for a minute before replying, "Phoenix"

"Thats right Isabella. Do you know what year it is?"


She was born in 1969, I thought, somewhat frantically.

Thats just a little setback-nothing to really worry about, I tried to convince myself.

"whos the president Isabella?"


Well he was the president when she born, I justified.

"Isabella whats your mothers name?" the therapist continued.

"Mary" she said with no hesitation...and no expression. Now were getting somewhere. Thank you god!

"Excellent, Isabella, and whats your fathers name?"


"Thats right. Very good" he paused for a minute

"Isabella whos your husband?"

Isabella looked at me again and back at her therapist

i was sure everyone could hear my heart thumping as i waited for my wifes answer in silence .

"Im not married"

No! God, please!

The therapist tried again, "No Isabella, you are married. whos your husband?"

She wrinkled her brow "Austin?" She questioned

Her old boyfriend from California? Help her remember God!

"Isabella please think. Whos your husband?"

"I told you. Im not married."


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