As You Wish

Another year at Hogwarts.Will things go as planned?


2. Tell Me What's Wrong

I look at Carter and Jaye.

"That was out of the ordinary." I say.

"Especially for Dani. She's usually really sweet towards everyone." Jaye joins.

"Maybe it was something we said." Carter said.

"Maybe." I shrug.

"Well c'mon we need to get back to dinner." Jaye says.

Carter,Jaye,Ashton,Luke,and Michael walk back towards the dining hall while I just stand there with Calum.

"Do you know why Dani's mad at you?" I ask Cal.

"No." He answers sadly."but I do know Dani isn't sick."

"How do you know that?"

"I pay close attention to her that's all." He replies rubbing the back of his neck and blushing.

"Really? Are you sure it's not because you have a I don't know crush on her?"

"What? No." He replies his tan skin getting redder.

"Whatever." I say rolling my eyes." Get back to the dining hall I have to talk to Dani."

"Ok." He replies walking off.

I walk towards the stairs and take the path that'll get me to Hufflepuff house. Once there I said the password and walked into the commons room,to see Dani curled up on the couch in front of the fireplace sniffling. Is she...Crying?!

"Dan tell me what's wrong." I say sitting next to her.

"I might have a crush on Cal." She replies.

"You might?" I ask smiling.

"Yeah." She mumbles.

"Operation get you and Hood together is a go."

"Bloody hell Ariana don't do anything to embarrass She whines.

"I'm not....But Jaye and Carter might."

"Don't tell them."

"I won't but you have to Dan."

"I will."

"Ok night I have to go back to my house." I say as Hufflepuff house members start to file in.

"See you tomorrow Ari." Dani says waving me goodbye.

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