As You Wish

Another year at Hogwarts.Will things go as planned?


1. Hexes and Crushes

Ariana,Carter,Jaye and I sat at the dining table for Slytherins,smirking at each other.

"Should we unhex Michael or not?" Ariana asks curiosity written all over her features.

"No let him suffer for another week." Jaye answers.

"I think Michaels had enough." Carter whispers.

"Michael is not going to get off the hook easy after he insulted you like that." Jaye replies.

"Isn't it Carter's choice? I mean he is her boyfriend." I mumble, causing Jaye to glare at me.

"This table is Slytherins only." Andrea Malfoy sneers.

"Shut up and go eat your food!!" Ariana and I yell at her.

She glares at us before walking off. She knows what we four are capable of everyone does only the stupid stand up to us.

"Dani's right." Carter says."He's my boyfriend and if I want to unhex him I can."

"I didn't mean bring me into something between you and Jaye." I reply looking between the two Slytherin.

"Did he at least apologies yet?" Jaye asks Carter.

Carter nods.

"Fine go ahead." Jaye grumbled.

"So Dani any takers?" Ariana asks out the blue.

"What do you mean?" I reply.

"Still oblivious to Hoods crush on you?" Jaye asks smiling.

"He still hasn't asked you out?" Carter says surprised.

"He doesn't like me." I reply.

"Bloody lie." Jaye says.

Truth was Calum had cornered me in the corridor and gave me a very heated kiss two days ago. I haven't seen him since. I eat my food quietly thinking about the way his lips moved with mine.

"Earth to Dani. Hello you there?" Carter says snapping her fingers in my face.

"Yeah." I reply.

"Did you hear us?" Ariana asks.

"Yes." I answer.

"What'd we say then?" Jaye questions arms crossed.

"Um.uh.." I trail off.

"You liar." Ariana says ruffling my hair causing my makeshift ponytail to come down.

"Hey." I say my hair falling into my face.

"You're a cute little Hufflepuff." Jaye laughs.

I sigh.Here we go again.

"Anyway I was saying someone saw Calum and you two days ago." Carter interrupts."And they said something very interesting."

"What'd they say?" I ask my cheeks heating up.

"That Hood had you pressed against the wall and you two were making out." Ariana joins.


"Is it true?" Jaye asks raising an eyebrow.

"No." I answer.

"Well if it wasn't you then who was it?" Carter asks.

"Maybe Amber Weasley." Jaye answers.

"I thought Ashton had a crush on her." Ariana says.

My heart instantly dropped when I heard Ambers name. It made me think about the kiss. Maybe he didn't mean it, maybe he didn't like me. There was always Amber the beautiful ginger every guy wanted her. My eyes started to get glossy and I got up running out of the dining hall. I run into the girls bathroom and lock myself in a stall sitting myself in the corner, and I let the tears fall. I knew he didn't actually like me,who would? Everyone's afraid of us four. After 30 minutes I got up and walked out to the mirrors. My eyes were puffy and red,so was my face. I sniffle and start to fix myself up. Once I was done I walked out and saw Ariana,Carter,Jaye,Ashton,Calum,Luke,and Michael.

"Are you ok?" Carter asks tone full if worry.

"Yeah I just got sick." I lie.

"Do you want me to escort you back to the common room?" Calum asked.

"No." I snap.

The girls looked at me weirdly.

"I can go by myself." I whisper walking off.


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