Naomi Williams has never had her 15 minutes of fame. She was a good student but lacked making new friends. After getting in a terrible car accident leading her to lose her eyesight, she came across a challenge to find love. Except she had to cope in a different environment, England. Far away from her loving mother, two sisters and her father who has never been there for her in America. Being the oblivious girl she is, she is always in her own world, unaware of the people around her.


1. Chapter 1

Nothing in my life has happened that made me more relevant than others. I like to call that 15 minutes of fame. Everyone gets it, good or bad. Some get it for longer periods of time. The popular kids. They are a group of people that are liked, admired, or enjoyed by many people or by a particular person or group. I am not part of that crowd.


I guess you could say it is my fault that I’m not popular. I mean, it’s not like I have actually gone up to them to introduce myself. A reason could be that I fear being shot down, but who isn’t?


I’m not one of those kids who don’t have friends. I do have friends, just not at the same school. You see, I live in a big town that has multiple schools and of course I was the unlucky one that lived in the other high school area whereas my friends from public school didn’t. Grade 8 was hard to leave my friends, but I never gave up on them. Here, 4 years later, Just graduated, and still best friends with them, I have gone through the success of passing high school without stress.


Even at my commencement one of the popular girls congratulated me on my achievement of the English award. I could tell she was up to win it as well and only said that so she didn’t look like a sore loser. You could say I can be quite literate, but I’m mainly just good at faking it.


Graduation was the day I’ve been looking forward to since I was in public school. It was exactly how I imagined it. I didn’t feel out of place that day. I was exactly like everyone else, except I was one of the only ones that didn’t have a boyfriend to congratulate with. Guys don’t notice me.  


The night before I was accepted into The University of Manchester. Yes, in England, far away from my home. I live in America but I don’t feel like I belong. I need to get away. I need a break from this place, even my dad..


I feel like graduation made me feel powerful for once. We all weren’t put down for our social statuses, we were all one. My favourite memory by far. The only thing is, it is my last memory.


As I am telling you this I am in oblivion. Oblivion is the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening. I am the first one. All I see is the colours and thoughts in my mind but when I try to see through that, all I see is nothing. I am unaware of where I am or what is going on. I’m numb and I can’t hear anything. Did I pass out? That's happened to me before, you know where your vision sparkles into complete darkness for a minute, then you can’t feel your limbs right and finally you lose hearing. But this is different feeling.


“Omi?” The sound of my little sister said.


“A..” I tried to get out her name. What happened? My throat scratches as I try to say her name again and I let out a violent cough. That's it, I think I’m dying.


“Omi it’s okay. I will get you some water.” My mother said. I could hear her rushing off. I try to stretch out my leg. I have regained full hearing and I no longer feel numb. I somewhat still wish I was numb, my head pounds like someone is smashing my head into a brick wall.


“Omi!” Ava screams, shaking me. I extend my arm out to try to find my 6 year old sister to let her know I’m alive.


“Ava stop it!” My mom said re-entering the room. “Naomi can you hear me?” I nodded my head.


“Oh thank God.” My mother weaped, “She’s okay!” She cried more.


“Mom?” I asked, choking on my sore throat which is getting more sore as I try to fight the tears.


“Yes Omi, you’re okay. There was a car accident. Do you remember that?” My mom asked. I ignored her question.


“I can’t see anything.” I stated and let out a whine that I desperately tried to hold in. There was no response.


“Mom?” I cried.


“Omi? Mommy ran away.” Ava said, grabbing hold of my hand with her small cold ones. She has always been a really cold child. She must take after me like that. Nothing was said for a while. I start to tremble. I want to know what happened. Why can’t I see? Will I be okay? I keep repeating the questions in my head as I soon drifted off into a sleep.




“Naomi?” I felt someone stroke my forehead. I slowly opened my eyes, but I saw nothing.


“What happened?” I ask as I quickly sit up but I have to curl my head between my knees. My head was a brick, and it stung like no tomorrow. I feel my legs and notice that I am wearing a hospital gown. I decide it's best to put my legs down as hospital gowns don’t cover much. I just assume because it's not like I can actually see it or anything. I keep my eyes closed.


“On your way home from your graduation,” My mom paused, letting out a cry. “The car was rear ended and it... flipped. You were alone.” I feel like I am no longer able to breathe. I desperately try to take a breath in.


“Why can’t I see?” I ask. My voice making a terrible crack on the last word. I hate the feeling in your throat when you try not to cry. It feels terrible physical and emotional.


“Honey, the doctors still have to do eye tests but they think since the car started on fire before help was there, your eyes may have been burned.” My mom told me.


“How can they be burned but not my face.” I ask. Considering I can’t see my face, I take my hands and I feel along the skin on my face. It wasn’t the same as my smooth skin before, it was oily and the pores were bigger.


“It only looks like a sunburn sweetie. But your contacts melted from the fire, causing..” She stopped to let out a wail. This is going to be hard on everyone. “Causing you to be permanently blind.” She finished.


My future is ruined. I can’t leave for Manchester in two weeks. This can’t be happening.


“What’s permanently blind?” Ava asked Mom. I feel like my Mom has done enough talking for a while. She is too emotionally stressed for this.

“It’s when someone is unable to see or they’re sightless forever, Ave.” I choke out, a tear rolling down my face.


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