All Bad

Justin Bieber is all bad for Monique.


4. The Friend

Monique's P.O.V.

Justin gives me the directions to his friends house and we pull up in front of it. We walk up to the door and knock. "Who is it?" Justin's friends says from inside the house. "It's Justin." Justin replies. Justin's friend walks to the door slowly and the opens the door fast. "Hey, what up man?" says Justin's friend. "Nothing much." Justin said. "Who's your new girlfriend?" Justin's friend says. "This is Monique." Justin says implying that I'm his girlfriend. "I'm not your girlfriend, if your confused." I say glaring at Justin. "Oh, she's feisty. Well, don't just stand there, come in and make yourself at home." Justin's friend says giving me a dirty look. Me and Justin walk in and Justin sets our bags by the door. Then we walk in some more and sit on the couch. Justin's friend brings in a case of movies. "Which one do you wanna watch?" he asks. "I don't know, all off them." Justin says sarcastically. "Hahaha" Justin's friend says. Justin picks The Call and Battleship. "Two movies?" I said. "Yea, we gone be here for a while. Well, if that's ok with you." Justin said knowing that we both know that I have no option. "Wait, what's your name?" I asked Justin's friend. "Oh, my name is Ryan." he said. "Ok. Now play the movie." I said. "What was the whole point of asking that question?" Justin asked me. "I'm not gonna stay in someone's house if I don't know them." I answer. The conversation ends with Ryan putting in the movie. After both movies it's late at night and we all are getting tired, so we head to bed. "I only have one guest room with one bed so you guys are gonna have to share or one of you can sleep on the couch."Ryan said. "OK. Now you can sleep on the couch and I'll sleep on the bed." Justin says. "Umm, no. You can sleep on the couch because that will be the very mature and manly thing to do. And let me tell you girls like a mature and manly man." I say trying to convince Justin into sleeping on the couch. "No. I'm just in my twenties. I'm basically not a man yet." Justin says. "Yea, you are you're a young man. You know what, I'm not going to sit here and argue wit you. I'll sleep on the couch." I say trying to get I out of an argument. So I go and lay on the couch, which is kind of comfortable. Then I hear Ryan coming up the stairs. "Hey, babe." Ryan says looking a little drunk. "Don't call me babe and I think you should go back down to your room before I call Justin." I said trying to get Ryan to go away. Ryan lays down on the couch behind me and touches me in places I don't appreciate being touched. "Justin!" I screamed. Justin ran out as fast he could and when he comes out I'm fighting against Ryan to get my clothes back on. Justin comes and he picks up Ryan, who still had my bra and shirt in his hands, and carries him back downstairs to his room. Justin comes back upstairs. "Do you have a shirt I can wear?" I asked Justin covering my breast. "Yea." Justin says looking like he's still tired. "Thanks." I said while taking the shirt Justin got for me and trying to kept my breast covered at the same time. (which is a struggle with these watermelons I call boobs.) Justin smiles at me and looks down at my breast area. I look down and see that the shirt is see threw. So embarrassing! Good thing Justin's barely awake and he probably wont remember any of this tomorrow. (hopefully) Justin goes back in the guest room and I fall asleep.

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