All Bad

Justin Bieber is all bad for Monique.


5. The Bridge

Justin's P.O.V.

Ryan called me and Monique to the bridge in his back yard. ''What are we doing here?'' Asked Monique. ''We're gonna have some fun.'' Said Ryan. Considering what happened last night I'm not sure if I trust Ryan with Monique anymore. "Where are you going?'' Me and Ryan say at the same time. ''Im going to get my bathing suit, I feel like Imma end up getting wet.'' Monique says. Me and Ryan laugh. 

Monique's P.O.V.

I come back out and Ryan and Justin are looking me up and down, especially Justin. ''Why don't you take a picture?'' I say hoping they'll look the other direction. ''Dont say that I might actually take a picture of you.'' Justin says. ''That wouldn't be so bad, I'm wearing a bathing suit.'' I said. ''So, you want me to take the picture?'' Justin asked seeming to be serious. ''No thanks. I'm not in model mode right now, maybe later.'' I said. Justin takes off his shirt and sweat is dripping all over his abs. Mhmm, the things I would do to that body. ''What are you looking at?'' Justin asked with a smile. ''Nothing.'' I say biting my lip. Justin and Ryan have tied a rope onto the branch of a tree and it looks pretty sterdy but I'm still not so sure about it. Justin and Ryan take off ALL of there clothes. And when I say all I mean ALL. I didn't really see anything but I have to admit, I was trying to. Justin and Ryan get out the pool and I see both of there junk. Justin's looked about 8 and a half inches and Ryan's looked like 4. I'm just saying. I like it better on Justin's side. But anyway, I'm on the bridge watching them keep throwing themselves into the water and all of a sudden Justin comes behind me and rips my bathing suit top off and Ryan pulls me down into the water with him and now I am officially wet. I get up out of the water forgetting that Justin had my bathing suit top until I see it in his hand and now I'm pissed. They both got to see all of my goodies. This is a great day. Just wonderful. :-) 

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