All Bad

Justin Bieber is all bad for Monique.


6. The Beating

Monique's P.O.V.

Me, Justin and Ryan head back in the house to get warm, afterall we were out there for about 5 hours. I was just mostly trying to keep my bathing suit on while they were mostly trying to get it off. We walk into the house and I head to my room to get changed into so pajama's and Ryan goes to sleep on the couch. I dont know what it is but there's something wrong with that kid. There's aloud knock on the door that I could hear from inside the closet of the room with the room's door shut. ''I'm coming, I'm coming.'' Justin says. ''What the fuck are you doing her instead of being at home with me and your mom? Where's your sister?'' Yells Justin's dad. ''That's none of your concern.'' Justin said. ''Dont you mouth off to me you little bitch.'' Justin's dad says while punching Justin in the face. Justin turns around from the punch and hits his dad way harder than he did him. I was looking from a crack in the door. ''So you're gonna hit me you little bitch. You're just like your mother, can't do shit and ain't shit.'' Justin's dad yells. Justin punches his dad in the face and uppercuts him in the gut. Justin's dad runs out of the house. ''I hope you have fun living on your own you little bitch.'' Justin's dad yells while running off to his car holding his stomach. I come out of the room to help Justin. He's hit his head many different times and I dont think he should take even just one hard blow to the head but then again I'm not a doctor so I could be wrong. ''Are you ok." I say to justin. ''Yea, baby, I fine.'' He said. ''Go sit on the couch, take your time, and I'll go get you an icepack for your eye.'' I say to Justin. ''Hey, you didn't tell me not to call you baby.'' Justin says with a half smile barely able to open his eye. ''Yea, things change.'' I say while putting the icepack on his eye. Justin and I both look in each others eyes at the same time and we kiss. 

Justin's P.O.V.

Me and Monique look up into each others eyes or eye and we kiss. I never felt that passionate for someone in my life. After that kiss, I knew that we have grown closer together and that we are perfect for each other.

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