All Bad

Justin Bieber is all bad for Monique.


3. Run Away Together

Monique's P.O.V.

I packed my stuff and then went in the kitchen with an empty bad to fill it up with all the food and other supplies I would need to survive alone tools, a phone, money etc. Then I heard a knock on the door. I go look out of the peephole and it's Justin. "What are you doing here?" I asked Justin. "Well, you don't want to travel alone do ya? And I brought a car and need so food." Justin said. What??? Is Justin trying to come along on the trip and get food from me? Smh. "I'm letting you come along because I don't like being alone and I don't feel like walking. Come on in and get some food. Take everything that looks good." I say opening all the cabinets. "Take everything that looks good? *I nod my head yes* but what will your mom have to eat?" he asked. "She's moving in with your dad, ya'll have food, right?" I said kinda making fun of him. "Yes, we have food." He said laughing. After we were done getting all that we needed, we got in the car and drove to one of Justin's friends house. Justin looks so good while he's driving with his shirt off and the sweat dripping down on his muscles and tattoos. Come on now earth to Monique. Dang, why do I have to be so shy of my emotions? I know that if I told him how I felt, he would be mine. "I'm gonna get gas real quick." says Justin. "What? Huh? Oh, ok." I say getting out of my day dream about his muscles. Justin pulls into a gas station. "You wanna go in with me and get something to drink?" Justin asked. "Yea." I answered. Me and Justin walk in the store and get a drink of our choice. Justin grabs some alcohol. "Justin, you ain't drinking while driving with me in the car." I said to just fearing for my life. "I'm not drinking and driving." Justin say looking at me like I'm crazy. "You just bought some liquor." I said ready to slap this fool. "I know that, but I ain't driving, you are." Justin says pretty much forcing me to drive. "Ughh, fine." I say giving in to his cuteness. We walk to the register and pay for our stuff and then we head back to the car.

  "So where are we going?" I asked him. "Just let me handle it." He replied.

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