All Bad

Justin Bieber is all bad for Monique.


2. Getting Married

Monique's P.O.V.

It's been a week and I've been waiting for my mom to tell me about him proposing but yet, she hasn't told me anything. I'm angry and confused about why she didn't tell me about him proposing. I walk into my mom's room and see her packing. "Mom, why are you packing?" I asked. "Because we're moving, sweetie. You should go pack too." she says. "Why? Is it because we're moving in with your fiancé, who you forgot to tell me proposed, and his bozo son?" I said. "Well, yes we are going to move in with them and I'm sorry I didn't tell you about him proposing but weather you like it or not we're getting married." My mom says in a hurry. "Why are you ruining my life!!!" I yelled at my mom while slamming her door. I ran out the front door of the house and walk down to street to cool off. Then I see Justin jogging and try to avoid him but he sees me so I speed up. Justin catches up to me, of course. "What are you doing running out here in the rain, sis?" Justin asked me. I'm so angry I didn't have anything to say to him about him calling me sis. I just keep walking. "Fine then, don't answer me. We'll just walk together." Justin said. "I'm going to be walking out here until my mom goes to work so I can go get my stuff and walk away." I say. "Why would you want to run away? Wouldn't you miss your mom?" Justin asked. "No, she doesn't do anything for me. All she does is think about herself. That's why I don't want them to get married, it would just be more distractions for my mom but she says there's no way there breaking up so I guess this is my last option." I answer. "Don't run away I'll.. Your mom will miss you." Justin says. "No she wont. And you wont either, goodbye. Bro." I said while walking away. "I can't believe I'm doing this." Justin whispers. "Running away with you." I just stared at him, 'Is he crazy?' I thought to myself.

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