Percy jackson's little sis

It turns out Percy has a little sister named Andrea. Her and her friends are brought to Camp Half Blood where Annabeth is kidnapped and there is a prophecy about Andrea's life being on the line if there is a wrong choice. Will they be able to save Annabeth and save Andrea's life?


2. the truth about our parents

*Flashback to chapter 1*

My name is Andrea Quincey. And these are my friends Ryan,Malory,Sally,Callie,Tiffany,Sean,Eathan,Calem,Stacy and Gabbie. Well nice to meet you all, but there's some explaining I'm pretty sure we need to do. Percy cut in.

*End of flashback*

Percy's pov.

Explaining? Andrea's friend, Ryan, asked. Well, do you all know about the Greek Gods and Goddesses? Annabeth said. Andrea's eyes sparkled with happiness. Yes. She said in awe. Here we go again. Sean whispered to Eathan and Calem. They're real. Annabeth continued. And one of each of your parents are a God or Goddess. Andrea pulled out her sword and stared at a note. Um this is from my father. She said still staring at the apparently sacred sword. And I'm pretty sure my father left after I was born. And my mother said I was a special child. Maybe your dad was Apollo. Ryan said. Your really good at archery. Andrea was so red in the face, she looked like a cherry. So anyway, you all have a Godly parent. Annabeth went on. And there's a camp for any kid that has a God for a parent. It's called Camp Half-Blood. A half blood is a child with a Godly parent. I added. So basically you all will be coming with us to Camp Half-Blood. Annabeth finished. It's not too far from here. I said. Wait we're walking?! Andrea exclaimed as her smile melted off her face. No. Annabeth said. We'll be boating.

Sorry for the short chapter, I don't have enough time to do a longer one! Plz CLF!!!(comment like favourite)

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