Percy jackson's little sis

It turns out Percy has a little sister named Andrea. Her and her friends are brought to Camp Half Blood where Annabeth is kidnapped and there is a prophecy about Andrea's life being on the line if there is a wrong choice. Will they be able to save Annabeth and save Andrea's life?


1. monsters smash our concert

Andrea's pov.

I walked into the gym with my class and the 5/6 class and we all took our places for our spring concert performance, Happy by Pharrell Williams. Soon our music teacher started to play the piano and the song started! It was all fun and games until the door was broken down and a group of monsters stepped inside, all looking menacing. Screams broke out throughout the gym and it was,in minutes, total chaos! A monster with one big round eye in the middle of his face lunged for me and I drop kicked him in the stomach. All all those Tae Kwon Do lessons payed off. I ran as half the group of monsters chased me.i grabbed a chair and chucked it at the some of the attackers. And guess what? One of them grabbed it and flung it back at me. I prepared for if to hit me. I waited nothing came. I looked up to see a boy I had never met before. He had sea green eyes and brown hair. He had sliced the chair in half with a sword that glittered in his hand. Along the blade was the word: Anaklusmos. For some reason, I understood it. It was Greek. It meant Riptide. More monsters swarmed in. I ran for the exit,but monsters swarmed in so that was not an option. A sword flew over my head and clattered to the ground I lunged for it. A note was stuck to it. It said:

Dear Miss Andrea Quincey,

this is a special present for you.

this weapon is magical and can turn into

whatever weapon you want. Just say the name of

the weapon you want, and you'll have it! It is

called Kymata, but in English it is called

Waves. Please use it wisely.

Your father

I smiled thoughtfully and began to slice monsters. Every time one monster died, it would explode into dust. I saw my crush, Ryan Rozario. He was surrounded by a group of monsters. Then I realized that all my friends were there to. "Bow and arrows!" I shouted. The sword began to transform into a bow and a quiver full of arrows materialized onto my back. Soon I was armed with a bow and arrows. I grabbed an arrow and began to aim for a monster. I let the arrow fly and hit the monster right in the back. It exploded into dust all over my friends,but oh well. "Sword!" I yelled and my bow and arrows turned into a sword. I charged at the monsters and sliced like I never had before. Soon the monsters were dead, and my friends and Ryan looked at me in suprise. "What?"I said. "You know very well that I can be vicious." "Where did you get the sword,bow and arrows?" My friend Malory asked. Present from my dad. I said, grinning. And went back to killing the monsters. Slowly the gym began to empty of monsters. The girl and boy were fighting side by side, killing monsters like experts. After a while, the gym was empty. I sank to the floor in exhaustion and sheathed my sword. The boy and girl walked up to me followed by my friends. "Hello." The girl said. "My name is Annabeth Chase. And this is my boyfriend Percy Jackson." "My name is Andrea Quincey. And these are my friends Ryan, Malory, Sally, Callie,Tiffany,Sean, Eathan, Stacy and Gabbie." "Well nice to meet you all,but there's some explaining that I'm pretty sure we need to do." Percy cut in.

Sorry everyone but you have to wait for the explanation because I want build up the suspense. For those who have read Percy Jackson you'll probably have an idea about what the next chapter's explanation will be about. But for you sad, unhappy people, you have no idea what I'm talking about and you are confused. Well thanks for reading it, I hope you enjoyed it and plz CLF(comment,like,favourite)



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