Percy jackson's little sis

It turns out Percy has a little sister named Andrea. Her and her friends are brought to Camp Half Blood where Annabeth is kidnapped and there is a prophecy about Andrea's life being on the line if there is a wrong choice. Will they be able to save Annabeth and save Andrea's life?


3. Camp and the prophecy

Hey guys!

I just wanted you to know this is all based on my life and most of the characters are my real friends with fake names. So if you try to track us down and kill us you won't know who we really are!!!!!!!!!! Safety! So everything except the gods and CHB (sadly)is real and is happening in my life at school. There will be lots of drama in this because in my life, well,there's lots of drama😰 So I told you this because I wanted to know that it's based on my life. And sorry about the lack of updates I was just working really hard on my other PJO fan fic. Because of the fact that I had a contest and had to write a story for July 1st . And check that out too! This story takes place after the other story I have too. In the Sea of Monsters. So yeah… here's the story!

Annabeth's pov

"Follow me guys." I said and led them to a boat just big enough for all of us. "Okay get in." I said. I got in last after Percy. Once we were all seated on the boat Percy made the boat move. They were soon sailing over the sparkling blue water. They stopped at a beach of Long Island and unloaded. A crowd had gathered while we were unloading. They were all whispering and pointing at Andrea. She looked questioningly at me due to the whispers and I mouthed "I'll explain later." Isn't she the special camper the prophecy spoke of?" Whispers were shared. Then Chiron appeared and shooed everyone away. "Welcome! Mr D is too lazy to come and welcome you so I thought I would come instead! "Chiron shook everyone's hands. Andrea's hand was gripped around the sword. "Ah, you received the magical weapon your mystery father gave you. " "We received it just before Annabeth and Percy left to find you all." " Ok, it's lunch!" Chiron said "why don't you all head to the mess hall. With that, the group left for lunch . During lunch, they sacrificed to the gods and the new group was introduced. They all had to sit at the Hermes table because they were unconfirmed. Afterward they had free time,so Percy,Annabeth,and the new group hung out on the beach."so why was everyone whispering and pointing?" Andrea asked Annabeth. There was a prophecy that in the beginning of summer a special group of half bloods without dixlexia or ADHD will arrive at camp. The leader of the group , a 10 year old girl ,will be killed eventually at the hands of wrong choice being made.the group all slightly paled. So who's the 10 year old leader?" We're not sure." Ryan said. "I'd say that Andrea is our leader, but I'm not sure she wants to drop dead because of stupid decision." Everyone agreed. " what?" Andrea questioned." I'm about as much of a leader as Hermione is playing quidditch!" "Really?" Sean said, rolling his eyes." You choose now to start poping Harry Potter stuff?! Plus you are a leader!" " no I'm not!" Andrea said. " reamember the time Zach flipped me in the middle of my stupid tae kwon do kick?" Most looked confused, as Sean was the only one in group that had witnessed that. "You were trying to protect us." Sean reasoned. Andrea turned bright red. Sean grinned, satisfied. A tall girl with sea green eyes and blonde hair walked up to them. " hey Percy!" She said. "Who are your friends?"

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