Summer Camp

Ally was wishing for a fun filled summer at home with her friends this summer. But when her parents unexpectedly ship her off to camp, her plans are ruined. She's devastated, and vows to not have fun at camp the whole summer. But then Ally meets Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Niall, people she would never normally hang out with. They become instant friends. And when Ally falls for one of them, the results are like nothing she ever imagined.


26. You'd Have More Fun With Me

"Ally! Ally! Wake up!" I hear Niall say. I groggily open my eyes. "Why? What time is it?" I ask, barely able to comprehend a thought. "You were screaming," Niall says gently. "I was?" I say, and then I remember. I was having a dream where Zayn was chasing me, calling, "Don't resist me, baby!" the entire time. I was terrified. "I was just having a bad dream," I tell Niall. "I know," he replies. "What was it about?" I open my mouth but decide against it and look down at my hands. Niall's features harden, and I know he guessed what I dreamed about. "Promise me when you can, you'll stay away from Zayn," Niall pleads. I nod mutely, reliving what happened yesterday in my head. "I will," I mumble to please him. He nods, satisfied, and gives me a hug. "Do you feel okay?" he says, sounding worried. "I feel fine," I reply, smoothing my hair and giving him a smile. "Do you feel up to breakfast? It's early; I don't think anyone else will be there," he adds reassuringly. "Sure," I say, standing up. We walk to the dining hall slowly, taking our time. Niall bends down and picks up a red flower that he then sticks behind my ear. "Beautiful," he says once he's given it a once-over. I blush as red as the flower and divert my gaze. The dining hall is completely empty except for us, and I'm glad. I don't really feel like seeing anyone right now. We sit down at the table with plates off eggs and toast, and I realize I'm starving. "What if we went on a real date today?" Niall asks me suddenly. I look up. "Where?" I say, trying to contain my enthusiasm. "The beach," Niall says, and I grin. "Can we?" I exclaim. "When?" He finishes his juice and continues. "I actually got permission yesterday for both of us to leave camp for the day. We can go to a nearby beach; nowhere too far away from here." I smile. I haven't been to the beach in a while, and going with Niall will make it be even more special. Niall walks me back to my cabin with his right arm swung protectively around my shoulders. When we reach the door to my cabin, he kisses me on the cheek. "Should I meet you in like fifteen minutes?" he asks. "Yeah, that should give me enough time to get ready," I reply. He smiles. "See you then," he says flirtatiously. I open the cabin door carefully, trying not to wake Emma. But when I look inside, Emma isn't there. Maybe she spent the night with Lacey, Kat, or Aubree. I quickly change into my cutest bikini and throw on a pair of shorts and  crop top that says Just Keep Swimming in blue bubble letters. I put my hair up in a messy bun and stick a few extra hair ties on my wrist. I put my beach towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, and some money into my bag, and shove my feet into flip flops. I'm making sure I didn't forget anything when my phone buzzes with a new text. I pick up my phone, expecting it to be Niall, or maybe Emma. But instead, it's by a number I don't recognize. I'm coming too, the text says. I read it again. Maybe it's someone joking with me. But who else knows that me and Niall are going to the beach? Liam, perhaps, but he's not one to joke around like this. Another text lights up the screen. This one says, You'd have more fun with me. I suddenly know who it must be. It's Zayn. The knock on the door of the cabin makes me jump. Through the window I see it's Niall, not Zayn, so I open the door. "Ready?" he asks, grinning from ear to ear. "Yep," I say and close the door behind me. While Niall's driving, I repeatedly check behind the car for anyone who appears to be following us. Not seeing anyone, I think maybe it was just a sick joke. Or maybe it wasn't.

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