Summer Camp

Ally was wishing for a fun filled summer at home with her friends this summer. But when her parents unexpectedly ship her off to camp, her plans are ruined. She's devastated, and vows to not have fun at camp the whole summer. But then Ally meets Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Niall, people she would never normally hang out with. They become instant friends. And when Ally falls for one of them, the results are like nothing she ever imagined.


30. Summer Fling...

"Hey beautiful," Niall says as he slides in next to me at lunch. "Hey," I reply, smiling at him. "Did you hear that Zayn left camp?" he asks me. I nod. "Yeah. Lacey and Emma told me this morning. I'm really glad he did." I take a bite of my sandwich and look up. Kat, who's sitting across from me, is blatantly staring at me. Once I've swallowed, I ask, "Can I help you?" It comes out sounding a little rude, but after all, Kat has said plenty of rude things to me. Kat looks down at her untouched plate. "Zayn told me he liked me," she finally says softly. "He kissed me, and I believed him. Now this happens, and I find out he really likes you the whole time. I just want to know why every boy likes you instead of me. What makes you better than me?" I don't know how to answer her, so I divert my gaze to my water. I uncap the bottle and take a sip to keep myself occupied. Emma, who's sitting on the other side of me, says, "Kat, not everyone likes Ally. Niall does, and so does Zayn. But that doesn't mean everyone does." Aubree, sitting across from Emma and next to Kat, agrees. "Liam likes Lacey," she adds hopefully. Kat picks at her already chipped nail polish. "And Brandon likes Aubree," Emma says, causing Aubree to blush and swat at Emma. "Okay," Kat says. "So not everyone likes her. But the only people who matter like her." She stands and dumps her plate into the nearest trash can before leaving. I sigh heavily. "Ally, ignore her," Niall tells me. "She's such a drama queen. She finds things to be upset about every summer." I play with the lid of my water bottle, thinking about what Kat said. Everyone who matters, she had said. I guess she meant Niall and Zayn. My phone buzzes from my back pocket. I pull it out and see a text from Kat. Can I talk to you? it says. I reply that I'll meet her in her cabin in five minutes. I throw away what remains of my lunch and head to her cabin. She's waiting outside. "I wanted to apologize for all the stuff I've said about you and Niall this summer," she says before I can even say hello. I stop, startled that she, of all people, is apologizing. "Um, don't worry about it," I reply, although she has said some very hurtful things. She shakes her head, looking ashamed. "I know I said some things that I wish I could take back now. I really do wish that. But it's too late now." I nod. It is too late. At least she's apologizing. Better late than never, I guess. "But, girl to girl, can I tell you something?" she asks, suddenly looking a little pained. "Of course, Kat," I tell her. I don't have the heart to be mean to her. She takes a deep breath. "Niall has a fling with someone every summer...he always makes it look like he's really serious about the person, but he always breaks up with them before the summer ends. A summer fling." She must see the skeptical look on my face, because she adds, "I'm not making this up." I look down at my feet. "Why didn't anyone tell me before? Emma, Aubree, or Lacey?" I ask. "Because they've all been targeted by him before," Kat replies. "I think he makes them swear to secrecy that they won't tell anyone so he can keep having his summer flings. I thought this year would be my year. I've had a crush on Niall, for like, ever. Even though I knew he would break up with me at the end of August, I wanted to date him anyway. That's why I was so mad when he chose you instead." I swallow hard, taking in this information. "I just thought I should tell you," Kat says quickly. I shake my head, as if to clear it. "No, I um, I'm glad you told me. Thanks." She nods and steps away. "I have to get to film class," she says. "I'm sorry Ally. I'll see you later." I nod as she walks away. I never would have pegged Niall to be someone like that. But I guess even the people you think you know best can surprise you.

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