Summer Camp

Ally was wishing for a fun filled summer at home with her friends this summer. But when her parents unexpectedly ship her off to camp, her plans are ruined. She's devastated, and vows to not have fun at camp the whole summer. But then Ally meets Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Niall, people she would never normally hang out with. They become instant friends. And when Ally falls for one of them, the results are like nothing she ever imagined.


39. Followed

"You might as well go home," Liam tells me gently. "You look exhausted and we should probably wait to look for Zayn. He might come back or call one of us or something. We'll call you if anything happens." I nod and hug him goodbye. "Get some sleep," Lacey advises me. "I think I'm gonna go to the hospital and visit Niall actually," I reply. She nods. "Tell him I say hello." I get in my car and drive toward the hospital, humming along to the radio. Glancing in the rearview mirror, I see a silver car trailing me closely. My heart pounds and my grip tightens on the steering wheel. I take a few bogus turns to try and throw off the car behind me. Wherever I go, the silver car is still behind me. I pull out my phone and call Emma. "Hello?" she answers. "I was going to the hospital to see Niall and this car is following me," I say in a rush. "Can you tell who it is?" she asks. I squint at the figure in the car. "No," I say. "What should I do?" There's a minute of silence and I briefly hear Emma telling Lacey what's going on. Lacey comes on the phone. "Come back here so you're with us," she says. "We're worried about you." I turn at the next street and tell them I'll see them in a few minutes. The silver car is still behind me. When I look in front of me, I almost cry out. I had been focusing so much on what Lacey and Emma were saying that I wasn't paying attention to where I was going, and now I'm at a dead end. Panicking, I look behind me. Someone is getting out of the silver car and walking towards me. I fling the car door open and stumble into the road. Seeing me, the person speeds up. I take off running, clutching my phone in one hand and my car keys in the other. There are trees up ahead, so I run in the direction of them. If I can just hide for a few minutes and throw off whoever is following me, I can get back to my car and leave. I weave around the trees for what seems like an eternity until I reach a clearing. I stop to catch my breath. I listen hard, but hear nothing. Hopefully, the person following me lost me. I look down at my phone and, hands shaking, start to text Emma and tell her what happened. When I hear the footsteps approaching, it's too late to run. I whip around but the person is much bigger than me and they throw me to the ground. My phone lands a few feet away and my car keys fall out of my pocket. My vision is blurry so I can't get a good look at my attacker. A black ski mask covers their face, and they're wearing black gloves and tall black boots.  "Don't look for Zayn," the person rasps. "Or else I'll come after all of your friends too." My head throbs and I can't seem to focus. I must have hit my head pretty hard when I fell. "Don't get the police involved either," the person continues. "If you get the police involved, I will not hesitate to kill you or your little blond boyfriend." Niall! Is he okay? I want to ask. I stay quiet though, thinking it's for the best. "Stay here for two minutes," the person says. "If you get up before then, I'll kill you." The footsteps recede into the distance and I lay there on the ground counting the seconds until I can get up. When I reach two minutes, I drag myself up and reach for my phone but the pain in my head is too much and I collapse back onto the ground. My last thought before my eyes close is, No one is going to find me here.

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