Summer Camp

Ally was wishing for a fun filled summer at home with her friends this summer. But when her parents unexpectedly ship her off to camp, her plans are ruined. She's devastated, and vows to not have fun at camp the whole summer. But then Ally meets Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Niall, people she would never normally hang out with. They become instant friends. And when Ally falls for one of them, the results are like nothing she ever imagined.


46. Blamed

"Not the first one?" I say, confused. Who else would think that Ansley's guilty? Officer Johnson nods. "Miss Reynolds also said something along those same lines. I hope she didn't guilt trip you into blaming your own sister?" he says sternly. I shake my head. "No, no, it's jut that she was acting so weird about the whole thing and when I asked her where she was earlier today, she clammed up and wouldn't tell me." Officer Johnson sighs. "It's not exactly proof that she's guilty, but we can bring her in and talk to her anyway. It wouldn't hurt." I sigh in relief. "Thank you," I reply and stand. "Before you go," Officer Johnson says, and I turn around. "Yes?" He studies his notepad. "I checked your alibis. You're not a suspect at all." I nod slowly. "I didn't know I was even considered a suspect before," I respond. I guess it makes sense, though. They always have family and friends at the top of the suspect list. "Have a nice day," Officer Johnson tells me with a smile. I smile back and leave the office with Aubree and Lacey right behind me. Lacey drops me off at my house so I can talk to Ansley if she's there. "You want us to come in with you?" Aubree asks worriedly. "No, it's okay," I say. "We'll pick you up in two hours," Lacey says. "Okay, see you then," I say and go inside. I hear voices coming from upstairs, so I quietly take off my shoes and tiptoe up the steps. I hear Ansley's voice and another voice, a male voice, that I recognize but can't quite put my finger on who it is. "Does anyone suspect anything?" the male voice says. "Ally definitely does," Ansley says. "She kept accusing me and asking me where I had been all day." There's silence for a moment and then the male voice says, "We have to keep her quiet." My heart pounds so loudly I'm half scared they'll hear it. "What do you want me to do?" Ansley says, sounding a little panicked. "I'm not sure I can do anything like that again." I step a little closer to hear the guy's response. "I'm not asking you to,"  he says. "We just have to make sure she doesn't go to the police with that information." Too late, I think. "Okay," says Ansley. "It'll be alright," the guy says. The realization hits me hard. I know why I recognized the voice. It's Zayn.

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