Living with the band

My name is Kendall Styles I'm 19. I live with my brother Harry Styles and the rest of his band one direction in London. What happes when one of the boys start falling for her? How will harry react? 16+


1. Harry!

Kendall's p.o.v.

"Harry Styles get right back here and give me my shorts" I shouted as I ran round the house in my under wear "come and get them!" he smirked holding them over the balcony "you wouldn't dare" I shouted I dived after them just as he let go I glared at him "Hey!" I heard a voice from below I looked down and saw Louis with a pair of shorts on his head "ouch!" he pulled them off and looked at them "Oi skinny arse catch!" he threw them up I caught them in one hand and quickly pulled them on i was wearing a crop lace top with the shorts and ran down stairs "in case you have forgotten we're moving in with you" Niall said slowy in his cute Irish accent "yea yea i know my little leprachaun now put your stuff in your rooms you know which ones which its already 6 o'clock so ill get the beer and wine out when your ready come to the living room we can play truth or dare and spin the bottle okay" I said "sure" they all replied "see you in 10" Liam said.

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