Living with the band

My name is Kendall Styles I'm 19. I live with my brother Harry Styles and the rest of his band one direction in London. What happes when one of the boys start falling for her? How will harry react? 16+


2. Dirty truth or dare

I quickly looked at myself in the mirror, A cream lace vest top matched with light skinny jeans. I ran downstairs running into harry "oh hey!" We said in unison "can't wait we're gonna have so much fun!" he Yelled fist bumping the air "oh come on!" I moaned and pulled him downstairs where they were all waiting. we must have had about 6 bottles of vodka each "which one first?" I questioned taking another swig of my glass of wine "dirty truth or DAREEEE!" Harry yelled sitting on the floor in between Liam and Zayn "okkaaayyy then, whos first?" I asked "me!" Niall shouted "Louis truth or dare?" Louis took one last drink of his beer "dare!" He said "okay then i dare you to grind on harry" he laughed surprisingly louis stood up went over to harry pulled him up laughing and started grinding on him! " okay noooowww KENDALL truth or dare" Louis asked I looked around and smirked "dare!" "I dare you to let niall take you to bed and finger you!" He said I smiled at least it wasn't harry and looked Niall "come on then" I pulled him to my room where he slammed me against the now closed door he stripped me hungrily and bent down he put me softly onto the bed and stripped to his boxers i pulled them down and he kissed me he let his fingers slide down to my breasts where he attached his mouth and sucked then stuck two fingers in me curling them to hit my g spot he quickly rolled on a condom I moaned loudly as he replaced his fingers with his long hard dick he thrusted in and out I imediatly cummed he licked me off and smirked then put on his clothes and went down stairs wow that boy was good i followed him down
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