twilight star x

Maddie jensen wants to live the dream life of being bella her dream finally comes true but she has to choose weather its Edward she wants or Jacob x


4. meeting the team x

As they left the door outside was Edwards car he said "get in and we can go meet everyone " she got in the passenger seat of the car as Edward got in the drivers seat he said " all buckled up and ready" "yes" she replied "ok then hold on tight" as they sped off into the moonlight. they drove for hours before they reached forks . They pulled up outside the cullen house he said "you ready" " of course i am " she replied "lets go then" he said as he opend the car door for her . she felt exited but nervous at the same time she finally got the dream life that she always wanted. she walked to the door with him nervously he pushed the door open everyone was there to welcome her " hello there maddie " said Rosalie "hi" maddie replied " we are all glad to see you " said Emmett "yes welcome we hope u had a safe journey to forks " said carlisle " yes thank you im so happy to see you all i love u all so much" maddie said . " come I have a surprise for you " said alice. alice took her to the bedroom "come in" she said "dont be shy" as she walked through the door her face dropped "JACOB" maddie yelled and ran to him "hey maddie" said jacob "im glad to see you here".maddie flung into his arms giving him an enormous hug he gave her a kiss on the cheek. Esme came to the door come on guys dinners ready. they all walked down the stairs to sit at the table when they got their they only noticed two seats maddie remembered that vampires dont eat so she said " you know dont worry guys its ok " carlisle stopped her before she could even finish the sentence " dont be silly its for you and jacob you both must be starving" "yes we will be sat in the lounge" said jasper " are you all sure" said maddie " of course we are enjoy both" replied Edward .
















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