twilight star x

Maddie jensen wants to live the dream life of being bella her dream finally comes true but she has to choose weather its Edward she wants or Jacob x


5. dream x

*later on that evening* "you will be staying in your new room"said Alice " i hope you like it i designed it all by myself" said Rosalie"come see" . they got to the door opposite Edwards bedroom maddie opened the door with excitement her face lit up "omg i love it how did u know what my favourite colour was" "alice seen it in her vision" replied Rosalie. The room was bright pink with a four poster bed and pretty detailed walls with her name in wooden letters on it. Maddie gave Rosalie a big hug thanked her and told her how amazing it was maddie explored it some more while Rosalie went downstairs their was another door inside maddie opened it mysteriously  it was a walk in wardrobe full of clothes " i filled it all for you with new designer clothes" alice said from behind her. "I carnt tell you how thankful  i am i love everything "said maddie "dont be silly maddie i class you as a sister now you don't haft to thank me " said Alice.

Alice left the room and Jacob enters " get some sleep im leaving now i will come pick you up in the morning were having a day out me and Edward are taking turns in taking you out on days " he said "ok carnt wait see you tomorrow " Jacob gave her a kiss on the cheek and left .

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