twilight star x

Maddie jensen wants to live the dream life of being bella her dream finally comes true but she has to choose weather its Edward she wants or Jacob x


6. day with jake x

*next day* 

Maddie wakes up with excitement knowing she is going to spend a day with jacob in 2 hours she gets up  walks out her bedroom door  goes to the bathroom "good morning have a good night sleep" says edward "yea thanks" she replies "good" he says she walks into the bathroom brushes her teeth and enters her bedroom again she walks into her new walk in wardrobe and starts to look for some clothes to wear. "edward" she shouts edward zooms to her bedroom door "is everything alright maddie" "yes of course it is could you come help me pick some clothes to wear im a bit puzzled i dont know what to wear im having a day out with jacob today" she says "yea of course what did you have in mind " he said " ummm i was thinking maybe a dress and a jacket " "ok lets have a look" he replies. as they looked though all her new designer clothes edward picks up a lovely white lacy dress."how about this" "oh yes thats so lovely hang on let me put it on my bed" she says. She walks out the wardrobe and puts the dress on the bed when she walks back in edward holds up a lovely brown leather jacket "this will go lovely with that white dress" "ow thanks what would i do without you edward" they both laugh . "now all we need is shoes" maddie says "your right lets have a look" edward replies . they both spend 5 minuets looking for a pair of shoes that would go with the dress or jacket "hmmm i carnt find a pair that would go with the dress" says maddie " me either "replies edward . "knock knock" says alice standing by maddies door . "come in" says maddie alice walks to the wardrobe "need any help guys" "yes please" says edward "we carnt find a pair of shoes that go with my dress" said maddie "wheres the dress" said alice "on her bed" edward replied "hmmm i see hang on i will be back now " alice leaves the room and comes back in holding a nice pair of brown leather boots  "will these help" she says "of course they will they're beautiful" said edward "ow but their yours i couldn't possibly wear them" maddie says "dont be so silly here you can borrow them" says alice " ow thank you ever so much i promise i wont get them dirty" said maddie "dont worry" said alice. Alice and edward leave the room for maddie to get changed suddenly there was a knock on the door it was rosalie "come in" said maddie "everything alright " said rosalie "yes just trying to do my hair" replied maddie "here let me do it" said rosalie " awe thanks rosalie" said maddie , Rosalie puts maddies hair up into a bun and adds a white bow. "its beautiful thank you" says maddie "no problem" said Rosalie.

 . There was a knock on the door it was jacob carlisle opend the door and let him in "ready maddie" jacob shouted standing at the bottom on the staircase "yes i will be down in a minute" maddie replies. Maddie walks down the stairs "wow your really pretty maddie" said jacob "she is aint she" replies edward "awe thanks boys" maddie says. Maddie gets to the bottom of the stairs "bye guys" said maddie "bye have fun" replies jasper.Maddie and jacob get out the door "so you ready to meet the tribe" said jacob "as ready as ive ever been" replies maddie "good were gunna spend the day at sams and have some dinner is that ok" says jacob "yes of course carnt wait" replies maddie."good hop on" maddie and jacob set off to sams on his motorbike. they finally reach sams walk to the door and seth and all the boys come running out "hey maddie good to see you" seth picks her up and spins her round . "good to see you to seth look at you with the tribe " says maddie . "you know you know hehe "said seth . "come on in maddie dinners ready hope you like bolognese" said emily "sure" replied maddie. "good come on boys all sit round the table dinners ready" shouts sam . They all walk inside to find a big table neatly set for dinner . they all sat round the table talking and eating. Everyone finished eating and jacob stood up and said "come on maddie were going to my room to chill thanks for the dinner guys" "no problem jake see you guys in a bit" replied emily . Maddie and jacob went upstairs to his room and sat on the bed talking and laughing with each other "hey wait there i got something for you" said jacob. He came back with a stunning silver bracelet with a wolf charm on it "here let me put it on for you i made it for you now you can remember me forever" he says "ow jacob you made this its perfect thank you" and she gives him a kiss on the cheek.

"is that the time we better get you back before edward worries about you and plus alice and rosalie said they would take you out to the mall and do some shopping" said jacob. "ow ok" replies maddie and they walk out the room and down the stairs "i haved to take her home now guys shes going to the mall " said jacob " ow ok it was nice seeing you maddie see you when your with jake next then" says sam "nice seeing you to bye bye" said maddie. Her and jacob leave and he takes her home "i hadd a good day today jake thank you" she says "good me to see you next time you can pick where we go " and he gives her a kiss on the lips . "bye then " "bye bye" .

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