twilight star x

Maddie jensen wants to live the dream life of being bella her dream finally comes true but she has to choose weather its Edward she wants or Jacob x


7. day with edward x

Maddie woke up and went downstairs for breakfast opened the fridge door got out some bacon ,eggs, sausages and beans she opened the cupboard got out the frying pan and started cooking breakfast. "hey look at you cooking" said a voice from behind her she turned around "edward" she screamed and leaped into his arms  "morning beautiful" he said "morning handsome" she replied. He gave her a kiss on the lips "hey let me finish cooking go sit at the table i will bring it over  now" says edward "ok" replied maddie. Maddie sat at the table while edward finished breakfast for her he walked in with the cooked breakfast on a tray along with a glass of fresh orange juice. "enjoy" he says "thank you your to nice aha" they both chuckle. "so what do you wanna do today angel" says edward "hmmmm i dont mind where we go its up to you " replies maddie. "hmm i know where to go it will be perfect you need to get a bikini on" said edward "ok where are we going" says maddie "secret" whispers edward. Maddie leaves to get dressed while alice,jasper,carlisle,esme and Rosalie go hunting. Maddie enters her room and walks in the wardrobe to choose her clothes for today. she picks up a beautiful leopard  bikini and a bright pink dress and some sandals chucks them on and leaves the room, walks downstairs to meet edward and they both set off. "so how we getting there" maddie says edward picks her up and starts running up the hill. they got there with in 5 minuets because of edwards fast vampire speed "close your eyes" he says covering her eyes "walk forward   and a bit more there open them" maddie opened her eyes to see a stunning crystal water fall. "its beautiful" she says with amazement "it is aint it " he says back "come on were going for a dip" he says . they both get in and jump from a tree swing into the water. they both stand under the waterfall laughing edward gives her another kiss she smiles back. "well we better get back and dry off " says edward "ok" says maddie "hop on then" says edward. maddie jumps on edwards back and they speed off through the sunset. "hey have fun " says alice when maddie walk through the door "yea i had a great time thanks" she replies "good" .

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