The Awkward Love Story of April and Sam

April and Sam are meant for each other! Or else, thats what every second year at Sparkswood will tell you anyways! They are alledgedly "perfect" for each other. So when Sam asks April out and she accepts, its the start of an "amazing relationship" Hah. This novel reveals the true components to April and Sam's relationship and all the Awkward moments along the way, so get ready and fasten your seatbelts because, knowing these two {insert roll of the eyes} it won't be a smooth ride by any means!


1. Prolouge

Everyone files into the classroom, rustling at their desks, taking out books, talking, just socialising in general really. April stands at her desk without a word, taking out her books. She arranges them neatly on her desk, perfectly in line with the sides and corner of her shared lab desk, all the books placed in order of size, all perfectly aligned. Anyone would think she had OCD. Please, you should see her locker! Anyways, that’s getting off topic.

As Ms. Brians begins the lesson, April’s eyes drift away from the whiteboard and to the back of Sam’s perfectly sculpted head. She watches the way his hair is perfect and messy, yet looks so neat.

Sam, himself is slouching forward onto his table, his arms and shoulders slumped forward. He is going through his head how he hopes the situation with Sam will plan out, and, like every time he decides to talk to her, is considering backing down.

April watches the way one of her best friends, Joe, doodles on Sam’s arm, though Sam himself is totally oblivious to it, staring at his fingers, totally mesmerised in his thoughts. Its moments like this, April wished she could read minds.

Sam looks under his long arm at April, in what he thinks is a discreet manner, when really it quite possibly might have just been more discreet to walk over to April, stand before her desk and stare into her eyes. April’s eyes land on Sam’s and a deep-set blush rises up to her cheeks. She looks away before her whole head explodes with the heat and stares at her desk.

As the minutes tick by, ever slow, short glances and stares are passed between April and Sam, alike every science class. When the glorious moment comes and the bell finally rings, everyone is quick to leave. Sam packs his bag slowly, waiting for April. He decides he’s going to ask her.

April holds her science books in her arms, as she intends to drop them off in her locker before maths class. Her bag is slung lazily over her petite shoulder. Sam stares at her image, it confirming his decision for sure.

Her long majestic brown hair falling freely in waves down her perfect shoulders, her piercing blue eyes flittering around the room, double checking nothing is forgotten. Her plump lips are a perfect pink and parted as they normally do when April is thinking. All in all, Sam thought, she was perfect beyond words.

Her long, beautiful legs advanced towards him timidly. Her hair flies around her face so she picks up a dainty hand and pushes it behind her perfect little ear. Her other hand cradles her books. As she passes Sam, he gets a whiff of her sweet scent, vanilla mixed with something sweet. His heart flutters and he inhales. Now or never.

“April?” he says timidly, his voice cracking a bit as a blush rises to his cheeks. He picks up his bag and slinging it over his shoulder, he jogs over to April who is around twenty feet away and had turned to face him. Her face is like a confused puppy.

“Yeah?” she asks timidly in hr sweet accent, hints of English, twangs of Irish

“Uh hey, I was eh just wondering if uhm...” Sam scratches the back of his head as a blush rises to April’s cheeks and she looks down.

“If maybe...” when he begins talking again, April looks up with wide eyes, taking the opportunity to take in his perfection.

“You wanted to go out?” as he says it, pinkness rises to his own cheeks, never mind April’s

“Maybe? If you don’t want to that’s cool, just if you did, and it doesn’t have to be just us, you could bring someone, it’s totally fine, what-“

April cuts off his babbling,

“I’d like that; I’ll snapchat you later to figure out details, okay?” April says giggling at his nervousness

He nods and grins, a grin April has never seen him wear before. April continues to giggle, and puts a hand over her mouth in an attempt to muffle it. April hates her laugh, nearly as much as she hates her smile.

“Don’t” Sam says in a new, gentle voice, now quiet, barely whispering

“It’s perfect” he says, removing her hand and kissing it gently before winking at her and walking over.

The conversation leaves a wonderful fluttering feeling in her stomach. Sam looks back numerous times, before April finally walks in the opposite direction towards her own class, which she is most definitely late for, not that she cares. Her best friend Helen, appears beside her,

“Tell me all!”

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