The Dead Walking 3

So many things happen in a lifetime. Some are good and some are bad. All of these things make up a person. All of these things determine who you are. I have to say that my memories are mostly bad, but the few good ones are the things that keep me going. (this is the third book in the Dead Walking series)


24. Surprise

           Me and Carl sit side by side just outside of the store. We are protected by the little ledge that starts at the beginning of the building and expands out for about 10 feet. If there was any way to get up there I'm sure you could just sit there. Its a metal ledge, painted blue to match the WAL-MART colors. If it weren't for it we would be soaked right now.

        Its been raining all day long. The lightning flashes often and lights the dark sky up and the thunder roars just a second or two after each flash. There isn't much to do inside and no matter what people say, WAL-MART is not big enough for about 10 or more people to live in. You don't have any privacy because there are no walls for rooms and the couple beds that there is are taken up by people, including me and Carl.

       So we came out here. To the only place we get any peace and quiet. Even with the pelting rain and the loud thunder I find being out here much better than being in there. I don't really think it bothers Carl too much. More really that he just wanted to come out here to be with. Really the more I think about it me and Carl are almost always with each other. I enjoy the company now, but what about later? What happens when one of dies? Whats going to happen to the other person? Pain. Suffering, loss, sadness. Just more and more of that the closer we get. I mean I'm not sure just how much closer we could really be. We sleep in the same bed, we're practically joined at the hip, and we would both die for each other. Only time now. That's really the only thing that can make us closer. Everything else is practically done.

        I look out at the woods across the road. I remember being tied to that tree. I remember the things I was thinking at each given moment. I remember how Carl saved me. I don't know why I remember those kinds of things. I always remember the bad things more than good ones. But that isn't really true either because I can remember picture perfectly all of the moments I have spent with Carl. The first time I ever saw him, our days when we were just friends, our first kiss, the first time he stayed with me, and I remember being alone with him. That day when we knew that we there was a chance we would always be by ourselves because there was a big chance that the rest of the group didn't make it. I remember when I left them. I remember those awful days by myself more prominently that I would like to. I remember everything really.



        "What was your family's names?" he asks.

        I raise an eyebrow. "My moms name was Karla, my dad's name was Jamie, and my brother's name was Joey. Why?"

       He shrugs. "I just wanted to know."

       "What was your mom's name?"

       "Lori," he tells me.

       "Oh," I say and stand up. I stretch my back and look back at Carl with a smirk on my face.

       He narrows his eyes. "What?"

       I don't say anything. I just start running. I run away from the building and from the shelter that I was sitting under. The rain pelts my skin all over as it pours from the sky. The water feels like silk as it runs down my arms. My hair is drenched in seconds, but I dont care. I hold my arms up and spin in circles as I laugh a little. Carl runs out here too, but I see he left his hat so it would stay dry. He tries to hug me, but I dart in the other direction.

       He raises an eyebrow before running after me. I run too though and I am fast. He chases me all around the parking lot as the rain keeps on falling. I feel like I'm in a movie. A romantic/ horror flick. I smile at the thought. I do zigzags and run in circles as Carl follows behind me. After awhile I get tired though and I stop to catch my breath. Carl stops beside me an put his hands on his knees as he bends over a little. We are both breathing hard.

       Once I catch my breath I get start to run again, but Carl grabs my hand and pulls me toward him. "Oh no you don't," he shake his head.

      His arms hold me in place so I cant run. If it was any other person beside Carl I would probably freak out being restrained like this, but I know he is just joking. He lifts my chin up with his hand and presses his lips to mine. And there we stand in each others arms, standing in the middle of an empty parking lot as it pours. I pull away and smile. "Come on," I pull his hand and we run back to the store. Carl picks up his hat and walk inside.

      Carl shakes his head really fast causing water to sling out of his hair. Then he puts his hat back on. Katy walks toward us, her eyes look worried. "Izzy. I need to talk to you. In private," she adds the last part as she notices Carl.

       He walks away and its just me and Katy standing there. "What is it?" I ask.

      She looks around and then back at me. "Lets step outside."

      We step outside and I cross my arms. "What Katy?" I demand.

      "Promise you wont... freak out?"

      "I'm not making any promises just tell me!" I insist.

      "I was..." she pulls up her long sleeve to just above her elbow. That's when I see it. I see the mark that can only be made from teeth. Its bloody and the skin looks a little pinkish around the wound.

      "Katy... please don't tell me that's..." I feel myself starting to panic.

      "Don't freak out. It happened yesterday while I was taking a little walk. Maybe... maybe we can just... cut my arm off. Kinda like they did for that Hershel guy," she suggests.

      "I don't know Katy," I shake my head. "I don't... I don't know. We need to tell Rick so he can tell us what we should do," I put my index and middle finger on each of my hands and rub in circular motions on my temple. This is just like someone dropping off a "oh I'm sorry, but your cat just died. SURPRISE!" note on your front porch and walking away.

       "But what If they decide to kill me? I don't want to die!" she starts to cry.

       I put my hands on her shoulders to steady her. "Don't freak out. We have to tell them Katy. If they think that cutting your arm off will help then they wont kill you, but I mean Katy... if that wont help then... we cant let you turn into a zombie," she cries harder at this.

       "I'm going to die," she cries. "I'm going to-" I cut her off.

       "Stop that! Now come on," I practically drag her back into the store. I see Rick walking down and isle and I run after him with Katy trying to keep up behind me. He turns around at the sound of us running. "Rick," I say breathlessly.


       "Katy... was... she was bit. Its on her lower arm and we wanted to see if its not too late to maybe just... cut it off."

      He looks at Katy for a moment, like he is trying to take in what I just said. "Its not that easy. A lot of blood will be lost and there's no guarantee it will work. It depends on how far its spread," he shakes his head slowly as he talks.

     "It just happened yesterday. We have to try! I don't want to turn!" she pleads.

     "We can try..."

     "Okay," she nods her head quickly.

     "We have to do it now. I'll go get the stuff and tell some people to help me. Just... stay here," he tells us.

     He walks away and I sigh. "Do you want me to go get Mark?" I ask.

     She shakes her head. "No. I don't want him to see this."

     "Katy. I'm pretty sure everyone will be watching," I say.

     She huffs. "Then you don't need to tell him. He'll find out on his own."

     "Then I'm going to get Carl," I start to walk away.

     "Wait!" I turn around.


     "If this... doesn't work then... I just want you to know that you are my best friend Izzy and I am so glad that we found you. I just want you to know that," she looks down at the ground.

     "You're my best friend too Katy, but I think you already know that and you know I'm glad we found you."

     She smiles. "This will work. You'll see. Everything will be fine," I assure her.

     "Everything except the fact that I will be missing half of my left arm," she moans.

     "It'll be worth it."


     I walk off again and find Carl looking at some food. He looks up at the sound of me approaching. "What did Katy want?" he asks.

     "She was bit. Your dad is going to cut her arm. Like you guys had to do for Hershel when you cut his legs off," I explain.


     "Yeah. I'm gonna need your help. I don't think I can watch her arm get chopped off," I shudder.

     "She'll scream... a lot."

     "Great," I groan.

     He smiles. "Lets go to her," he puts an arm around my waist and we walk back to Katy who is standing in the same place as she was when I left her. I see Rick walking down and isle too holding a whole lot of stuff. A rag, medical tape, bandages, peroxide, and some alcohol. Katy's eyes widen at the sight of all the things.

      "Come on. We're gonna go to a check out counter," he instructs.

      We follow him to isle 1 and see that almost everyone is already here. "You stand here," he moves Katy so she is standing where the check out lady would stand and Rick goes on the opposite side. "Daryl and Glenn, I need you to make sure she doesn't move. Mark you hold her hand so she has something to squeeze. Beth you need you need to tell me where exactly to cut. Everyone else needs to say out of the way."

       Katy pulls her sleeve up so Beth can see the bite. "Right above the elbow. We have to cut a little distance from the bite in case its already spread some," she explains before taking a step back.

       "Okay so wrap this around her upper arm and tie it tight." He hands the white rag to Daryl and he ties it around her upper arm. "And after we are done you are going to want to move and stuff, but you cant. We have to bandage it up and stop the bleeding. Okay?"

       She nods. "Okay."

       Rick pulls out a pretty big knife. Its blade is probably 6 inches long and 4 inches thick. Katy's eyes go really big and I can tell she starting freak out. Daryl and Glenn hold her down and Rick raises the knife. I cringe back into Carl and hide my face in his chest so I cant watch. I hear the whoosh of the air as he brings the knife down and the clunk and clatter when it hits bone and again when it hits the marble counter. It takes a second for Katy to react, but she does. She lets out an ear piercing scream. I cover my ears and try to bury my face deeper in Carl's chest to get away from the noise. He pats my back reassuringly.

       I think she tries to get away because I hear Daryl and Glenn grunt as they restrain her. "Stop!" Rick demands.

       I finally look up and I am glad to see that Daryl blocks my view of her arm. I don't want to see the other half of her arm that isn't connected. Rick cleans it and wraps it up and tapes it in just a few minutes. He takes her somewhere, but I don't care to ask. I cant see her right now. I look away as everyone leaves the counter so I don't see the arm. I walk in the opposite direction and Carl follows. I will feel very bad if cutting her arm off didn't help and she still turns. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Just like we have to wait and see. Just like every other things nowadays. We will jus have to wait and see.



       Okay guys this is the end of the third book! I hope you have enjoyed reading this and I hope you will be reading the next one :)

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