The Dead Walking 3

So many things happen in a lifetime. Some are good and some are bad. All of these things make up a person. All of these things determine who you are. I have to say that my memories are mostly bad, but the few good ones are the things that keep me going. (this is the third book in the Dead Walking series)


18. Somedays Really do Just Suck

          They threw us in a room that I'm guessing used to be used for building things or fixing things that broke. Its empty now, except for me, Carl, and a few scattered items. Nothing useful though. They took our weapons. All of them. I could use my fist, but I have a feeling that wouldn't work very well. It would probably just get me killed. I sit a few feet away from Carl. I'm not sure why they didn't tie us up. I guess they figure that its only 2 of us and like 10 of them so we don't to be tied up.

       I glance over at Carl, but look away when he sees me. He sighs. "I know you're mad at me Izzy. But I wasn't gonna let you stay here by yourself. I would rather have you hate me and be alive than love me and be dead," he looks at the ground.


      He looks up at me. "You know why."

       "I mean why do care? I got your whole group out. Why couldn't you just leave? Why did you have to get yourself into this mess?"

       "I couldnt leave you. What part of that is so hard too understand?" he snaps.

       "The whole part! You shouldn't love me enough to leave your whole group. Your dad. Your sister. I'm not that important Carl. We are all just little pieces in a big puzzle that is missing a lot of pieces. One more missing piece wont hurt that bad," I shake my head.

        "Is that what you think? That if I lost you it wouldn't affect me. That I would just say "oh well she died?" God Izzy how cruel do you think I am?" his face contorts.

        "Not cruel enough," I whisper.

        "You need to just stop trying to get yourself killed because I am always going to be here to make sure that you don't succeed. That's something you are going to accept," he smirks.

        "I'm not trying to get myself killed. I'm trying to keep people alive."

        "Always at the expense of your own life," he mutters.

        "There are some things worth dying for ya know."

        "You have to many things you consider worth dying for," he shakes his head.

        "Just people."

        "You said it before Izzy. People are going to die. So why waste your life just so they can die later on?" he asks.

        "Because I can save lives. I can buy them just a little more time and that's everything Carl. Wouldn't you want someone to buy you just a little more time?"

        "Not if they had to die for it," he shakes his head.

        "You're only human Carl. I know how humans work. Just a little extra time can make a world a difference to us. I know I would like for someone to buy me just a little more time," I mutter.

        "We have time! We have now. We have us right now, right here," he insists.

        "Ya. We have us right here, right now with 10 people walking around out there just waiting for the right time to kill us. Think Carl! We don't have time. We gave other people time," I know what my face looks like right now. Sad and pleading.

        He leans forward and cups my face with his hand. His lips touch mine softly and I allow one tear to escape my eye. I put my hands on his shoulders as our lips move against each others. Its a passionate kiss. A slow, but sure one. A kiss that equals a thousand words. He pulls away a looks me in the eyes. "Don't cry," he wipes the tear away and pushes a strand of hair behind my ear.

       "When do you think they'll come back?"

       "I don't know. They haven't checked on us yet so probably soon," he shrugs.

       As if they read our minds someone opens the door and steps in. Its a man that looks about 30. He has a gun on each of his hips. Me and Carl stand up. He positions himself so he is almost in front of me in a protective stance. "What do you want?" Carl asks.

       "Let me see the girl," he demands.

       Carl shakes his head quickly. "No."

       "Now! Let me see her or I swear to god I'll shoot you both right now," he threatens. He pulls a pistol out of his right pocket and points it at Carl's chest.

       "Stop!" I yell. I step out from behind Carl. I take a step forward and Carl grabs my arm. I look back at him and shake my head. "Let go Carl," I whisper. "I'll be fine."


       "Let me go."

       He drops his hand and looks at me sadly. "I love you."

       I nod. "I love you too," I say before walking to the man.

       He grabs my arm in the same spot that Carl did and pulls me forward. He drags me out of the room, roughly and once we are out of the room he throws me to the ground. I gasp as my chest hits hard against the stone ground. The man kneels down beside me and pulls my head of the ground by my hair. I try to squirm away, but he sets his knee on my back forcing me to lay there. He puts almost all of his body weight on me which sends me gasping for air. My chest heaves against the ground causing it to sting. I cant seem to get a good breath.

       "Now don't you think that its only fair that you pay for what you did to our friends?" he asks.

      "No!" I spit.

      He smacks me hard and I wince. "Don't yell at me!" he screams. "Now how do you think you should pay?" he sneers.

      I can think of plenty of sarcastic remarks that I could say, but all of them would just get me slapped. "I don't know," I admit.

      "Oh I have an idea," he smiles deviously.

      My stomach heaves at the thought of what he could do to me. He could just stab me over and over again or shot me all over, or just beat me to death. Or worse. He could make me watch him kill Carl. "What?" I demand.

       "Oh you'll see."

       He stands up and pulls me up by my hair. I moan as I stand up. He keeps a good hold on my hair and drags me across the store. We reach the doors and he continues dragging me even after we're outside. We walk all the way across the parking lot and to the road. He drags me across the road all the way to the woods. We walk a short way until we reach a tree. A tree with a rope around it. Is he going to hang me?!

      He pushes my back against the tree and wraps the rope around the tree and my body. He wraps it around a good three times all while I am struggling to get free. He ties the rope on the other side of the tree so I cant reach it. I am tied to a tree by a rope that is around my stomach and chest. Whats the point to this? How can tying me to a tree hurt me? "What is this supposed to do?" I ask.

       He smiles and pulls out his pistol. That's when I know exactly what he is going to do. It was never his intention to actually kill me himself. He's going to make someone else do the dirty work for him. Something really. He aims his gun in the air and pulls the trigger. The bullet flies up in the air leaving only a trail of smoke behind. The gunshot is so loud I know Carl must have heard it. He probably thinks I'm dead. I wish he would just soot me. This kind of death will be so much worse. So much more painful.

       I try my best to shrink back against the tree. I wont cry in front of this man. I wont give him that justice and satisfaction. I wont cry. I wont make a sound as I am torn open by a zombie. He doesn't get that from me. I want him to know that he hasn't hurt me. That he cant. I will die with dignity. I hear the groans and the man turns around and walks out of the woods. I am left alone to face the zombies somewhere in the woods.

        Somedays really do suck. This one especially. I look around at the sound of leaves crunching and twigs snapping. The first zombie steps out of the woods. I wonder what he would do if I survived this without being bit. Would he kill me? Would he let me live? What if I got away? I smile. I'm gonna try and live just to see what he will do.

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