The Dead Walking 3

So many things happen in a lifetime. Some are good and some are bad. All of these things make up a person. All of these things determine who you are. I have to say that my memories are mostly bad, but the few good ones are the things that keep me going. (this is the third book in the Dead Walking series)


9. Pieces of a Puzzle

        As we walk away from the prison I cant help, but look back at Katy. She is staring at the ground, but she lifts her head when she notices me looking at her. "Katy... I'm sorry... about what my group did. I didn't know. If I was here you know I wouldn't have let them," I apologize.

        "Where is the rest of your group anyways? Why didn't they come in and help you?" she asks.

        "Because uh... I came alone. They don't even know that I came here," I shrug.

        "You left them for me?!"

        "Well..." I don't know how to say it without making her hate me. "I... I'm sorry Katy, but I have to go back," I rush the words out.

        "Izzy... I don't know if... I don't know if I can go back there," she shakes her head.

        "I'm not saying you have to, but I really want you to. I want you to come back with me. I need my best friend with me," I give her my best puppy dog face. She smiles a little, her dimples showing.

        "I'll think about it."

        "Yay!" I give her a small hug and she actually hugs me back.

        "I need my best friend too," she admits.

        "So am I forgiven?"

         "Yes. I guess I was never really mad at you. Its more that I was mad at you for being with this group," she explains.

         I nod. "Do you know what all happened?"

         "Well while the prison was being over run by zombies some people stormed Rick and demanded him to give them one of us. He said if we didn't then he was going to kill... Carl and Judith and you. He didn't even say why he needed one of us. Rick... he freaked out. He told the guy that he couldn't kill you and Carl and Judith. They started arguing and the man said he was going to shoot guys right then because you hadn't left the prison all the way yet. So Rick he us... he pushed me toward the man and Mark of course followed. I guess I wasn't really mad at Rick either. He had to give up someone or he was going to kill you guys. He had to give up someone and he chose me," she says all of this very quickly.

         "Well now we know why they wanted one of us. To find out where our weapons were. Ooh that reminds me," I hold up a finger and pull my book bag around so it is in front of me. I pull out the 2 machine guns and throw one to each of them. Katy holds it awkwardly. "Yeah Katy that's a machine gun. You shoot it remember," I tease.

       "Oh be quiet! I'm not as comfortable as you are with guns," she insists.

       "Well you need to. Or find you a weapon that you ARE comfortable with," I say some what serious.

       "I like knives. And maybe bats or gulf clubs."

       "Those take too long to kill someone. With a bat or gulf club you have to hit them a couple times and with knives you have to get too close," I shake my head. "Would you rather use a pistol?"

       She nods quickly. I roll my eyes, but take the machine gun back from her. I hand her my pistol carefully. "Now. That is my pistol so I need it back... sometime. DO NOT break it, hurt it, or shoot yourself with it," I joke.

       "I'll try not to."

       "Mark. Why don't you talk to me anymore? Why don't you talk anymore?" I ask.

       He shrugs. "I don't have much to talk about anymore."

       "Wow. Those are words I never expected to come out of your mouth," I tease.

       "And I never expected you to become so annoying," he smirks. "I'm joking, I'm joking," he holds his hands up as I position myself to spring. I smile.

       "I'm not annoying. I just talk more."

       "Exactly," he smiles.

       I shove him hard and he falls on his butt. "Hey watch it! I happen to have a gun in my hand!"

       "Oh shoot yourself for all I care," I joke. "No, don't it hurts a lot."

       "How do you know?" both Mark and Katy ask.

       "Well... a guy got in our little camp there at the prison and Carl being the idiot he is tried to jump at him so I had a chance to run and get help, but being the nice person I am jumped in front of him so he wouldn't get hit. The bullet hit me in the chest," I point to the part In the lower middle of my chest.

       "You were shot it the chest!" Katy gasps.

        "Can we see?" Mark smirks.

        "Mark!" Katy pushes him this time.

        "I don't really feel comfortable lifting up my shirt in front of you," I shake my head.

        He laughs. "Okay, okay. Don't kill me there Katy."

        "You are acting like a pig," she insists.

        "Oh I'm just joking," he rolls his eyes. "Are you jealous?" he teases.

        "Yeah! I love you Mark. I don't want you running of to some other girl."

        "That wouldn't happen would it Mark? I mean I do have a boyfriend that can kick your ass,"  smile.

        "Not in a million years," he shakes his head.

        I laugh and so does Katy. "No that's the old Mark I know," I pat his head.

        "Stop that," he snaps pushing my hand away.

        I roll my eyes and walk ahead of them 2. I must have forgiven Carl. I mean I just called him my boyfriend in friendly terms. That must mean something. I said it without thinking though. I was just trying to make a good come back. No. It does mean I have forgiven him. I believe that it does mean I have forgiven him.


                                                   * * * * *


          We have walked all night. I drag my feet, barely walking. The sun is just now staring to raise into the sky. We haven't even reached the house that me, Carl and Judith stayed in. We are not even halfway and I am already tired as can be. I just want to get back to WAL-MART. I just want to see Carl. I just want to hug him and kiss him and hear his voice. I decided throughout the night that have completely forgiven him. I cant live without him now so I guess I have to forgive him. That's not the only reason though. I still love him even though he did betray me a little. I mean who wouldn't stick up for their dad at least a little bit.

          I walk in the center of the road in between the 2 yellow lines. Mark and Katy are walking, painstakingly slow. "Hurry up," I demand.

      "I cant go any faster!" Katy snaps. "You are in better shape than me."

      "No. I've just walked this a lot."

       She doesn't say anything else. I walk a little faster, forcing them to walk faster to keep pace with me. I want to get to WAL-MART by evening and we still have a long way to go. "How much farther is it?" Katy asked after a moment.

        "We are a little less than half way," I tell her.

        "Are you serious?!"

        "I'm not joking."

        "This is too far!" she moans.

        "Hey I have had to walk this at least 4 times," I point out.

        "Whatever. You chose to do that."

        "Not really. Only this time."

        She doesn't say anything else. I continue to walk. I look down at the black topped road and for a moment I can almost imagine myself riding in a car, watching the scenery as I fly by. I always took a car for grant it and only now do I realize how awesome cars were. What I would do to just sit back in a comfortable seat and relax during this journey. We would probably get to WAL-MART in about 3 hours. Not 8 or 9. I sigh and look ahead of me.

        I notice a figure in the distance. A zombie? No its walking to straight. It looks like a kid. Maybe my age. I don't want to get my hopes up. It probably isn't even him. But it looks like him. The size, the shape, the walk, the hat. Yes its him. Only he has that hat. Its him. It really is him. He must have come looking for me. I smile. He hasn't looked up yet. I start to run and I hear Katy and Mark trying their best to keep up. I wish I could run faster. I wish I could, but I cant. If I run too hard I'll pass out like that day in the woods. I shudder at the thought.

        I am close now. He looks up at the sound of my heavy foot steps on the hard ground. His eyes widen and I see his face light up. I'm so close now. Just feet away. I close the gap and throw my arms around him. The force knocks him backwards and we fall to the ground. I giggle, but I am stopped by him pressing his lips to mine. We lay there on the road, me on top of him and his arms around my waist, as we kiss. I am crying, but not sad tears. Tears of joy.

       "Izzy," he says against my lips. "Don't you ever leave me again."

        I smile. "I wont," I whisper.

        He kisses me again and I don't even care that Mark and Katy are just feet away. I don't care about anything right now, but me and Carl. I needed to leave. I needed to leave to show myself that I really do need him and this showed me that. I need him and he needs me. We really are half of a puzzle. Without the other piece we are not whole, not complete. I am complete again.


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