The Dead Walking 3

So many things happen in a lifetime. Some are good and some are bad. All of these things make up a person. All of these things determine who you are. I have to say that my memories are mostly bad, but the few good ones are the things that keep me going. (this is the third book in the Dead Walking series)


7. Piece Of Cake

         I have been walking down this street for what feels like forever, but the sun is only just now setting. There has been no sign of anyone following me so that's good. I don't need anyone following me. I sigh. I don't want to spend the night by myself. It reminds too much of when I first lost my family. Now I've practically lost my friends too. Most of them have turned on. How could they just give up Katy like that? I thought they still had a heart in them, but I guess I was wrong about them. I don't want to say I miss Carl. That means that I am just monster too. That means I would have turned on Katy too because then I am just accepting the fact that they gave her up. And I do not accept that. Never will I accept that.

        I stop abruptly when I pass the house that me, Carl, and Judith stayed in. I smile a little at the memory, but then sharp pains fill my chest and I grimace. Carl. My Carl turned on me. He didn't have my back. I walk up to the door and open it slowly. It is still empty. I walk in and set my stuff down on the floor. I take one of my only cans of food and take it to the kitchen. I sit down at the table and open the can of chicken noodle soup. I walk over to the drawer and grab a spoon. I walk back over to the table and start to eat the can of soup. I finish it quickly.

        I stand up and walk out to the living room. I lock the front door, both locks and lock all of the windows. I grab my things and walk back to the room that me and Carl and Judith stayed in. Now its just me. I don't have Carl and Judith with me. This thought brings tears to my eyes. I fall on the bed and bury my head in the pillow to muffle the loud sobs coming out of my mouth. I feel so stupid. I hate them, but I cant stand to be without them. Why does love have to be so confusing? Why cant everything just work out? So many questions there are and none of them I will ever know the answer to.

        I roll over on my back and stare at the white ceiling. The bed feels bare without Carl's warm body beside me. I wipe the rest of the tears from my eyes and cover up with the fluffy black comforter. I relax and take deep breaths. I just have to either forget about them or go back once I see if I can find Katy and Mark. I like the second choice better, but I have a feeling she will hate me when I find her if I say that we are going back to them. I cant lose her, but I cant lose Carl either. I'm at a loss here. No matter what I do I will lose one of them and each situation is unbearable. Maybe she will come back. Maybe I can convince her to. Either way I will try.

        I shut my puffy eyes and think about my happy place. Me and Carl dancing and playing in a beautiful meadow. A meadow filled with tons of flowers of all different colors and a thick dense forest surrounding it on each of its round sides. Its amazing. Maybe a place does exist like that. Maybe its only heaven. I think I can wait for that. That is the last things I think of before I fall asleep.


                                               * * * * * *


        When I open my eyes again sunlight it streaming through the windows. I sit up quickly and look around. How long was I asleep? It looks like its close to noon. I push myself out of bed and grab my things. I throw my bag and sword over my shoulder. Put my pistol behind me and walk down the hall to the living room. I unlock the door and step out into the hot, humid air. I can feel sweat forming on my forehead already. Its going to be a long, sweaty day. I groan and begin walking. If it wasn't for Katy there is no way I would have left the house. I would have slept all day, I would have ate, I would have cried, and I would have enjoyed the time alone until I couldn't take it anymore.

         I walk along the right side of the road along the white line. I don't know why I didn't bring more food. I must have just forgot about it at the time. Now I only 1 more can of spaghetti o's, a bottle of water, some beef jerky, and crackers. Its more than I had at one time, but it wont last me that long. Especially if I have Katy or Mark. I shake my head and sigh. I hope they are both still alive, but I'm not looking forward to being a third wheel. I wonder why those people wanted of our group members anyways. That's strange.

         Oh my god! What if they made a trade? What if Rick traded Katy and Mark for something? That would be so much worse. That would just be... not acceptable. I would never be able to forgive Rick if he did that. But what would he make a trade for? Guns? Weapons? Safety? Help? Any of these are valid answers, but even I cant see Rick trading 2 PEOPLE for weapons, safety, or even help. He wouldn't do that. So what would he have done it for? Carl. Judith. I can see that. I can see him trading people for Carl or Judith. Especially people that he barley knows.

         I come to a 4 way. I don't even have to think about which way to go. Straight. Always go straight. I keep walking. I have to be more than hallway by now. The house is about the halfway mark and I have been walking a lot since then. I should be at the prison by night time.


                                                  * * * * *


            I see the prison up ahead. The grass has grown up a lot since we left. That doesn't surprise me. It has always been long, but without anyone here to tend to it, its grown wild. I don't know if I should stop by the prison or what. I guess so. Then I can see if there is any sign of that other group and where they went. Ammo! I know there is some ammo here that they left. We used to have hundreds of guns and lots of ammo for each. When they got to WAL-MART they didn't even have half of that with them.

        I walk across the field that leads to the once standing fence. It doesn't stand anymore. The whole front part of the fence is laying flat on the ground. I see only a few zombies moping around inside the fence. I can kill them easily with my sword.

        I reach the fallen fence and just walk right across it. I see a women zombie up ahead. She doesn't even look at me as I pass her. I see a male up ahead. He sees me too. He sprints toward me and draw out my sword. I hold it in front of me and he charges his head straight trough it. I pull my sword out and continue walking. Instead of walking to the kids section I walk to the adult's section. That's probably where they keep the guns and ammo.

        I open up the metal door that leads straight to the adult's cells. In the far corner of the room I see a big container. I stride across the floor and examine its contents. I was right. This is where they keep the weapons. I find a nice size machine gun with a strap and 2 boxes full of ammo. Each box holds 500 hundred. I also grab 2 smaller machine guns. They look sorta like an Uzi. I put them in my bag along with 2 boxes of ammo for each. With that I spin around and walk back outside.

        I stop dead in my tracks when I see someone walking across the field toward the prison. I slip back inside and watch out of the tiny window in the metal door. There is actually a group of people. 2 kids and 4 adults. I shake my head. Of course its them. Of course they have to come here NOW! While I am here. I guess it makes it better now. Now I don't have to go searching for the 2. Now I can get Katy and Mark. I just have to get past those 4 other people. Piece of cake. I hope.

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